Living with MS

Anjali Vyas

A chirpy, confident, and young Ms. Anjali Vyas from the MSSI Pune Chapter greeted me when I called her as a nominee of #IndiaMSDay Person of the Year 2019.

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Jyoti Ronghe

We were honoured to have Ms Jyoti Ronghe in conversation with us today sharing her journey through #multiplesclerosis and her joys of being associated with #MSSI. As #IndiaMSDay Person of the Year 2018.

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Maheshwar Kusuma

We will be conversing with the nominees of #IndiaMSDay Person of the Year 2019 in the coming days and we start our journey with Mr. Maheshwar Kusuma from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India-Hyderabad Chapter.

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Group Capt. Prabal Malaker

The next nominee of #IndiaMSDay Person of the Year 2019 is Group Captain Prabal Malaker (Retd) who like everyone here knows has served the country as an air force fighter pilot and is now part of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India – MSSI – Delhi.

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Raj Dhyani

The first thing you notice is the zest and passion that flows from Mr. Raj Dhyani’s voice, our nominee of #IndiaMSDay Person of the Year 2019 from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India. Mumbai Chapter.

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India MS Person of the year 2018

This was the first time we decided to institute the India MS Person Award. We received a number of excellent and deserving nominees from our Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkatta and Pune chapters.

It was not easy to choose a winner as all the nominees have remarkable qualities and are MS heroes in their own way. However, it was decided to present Ms Jyoti Ronghe with the 2018 award in recognition of the valuable contribution that she is making towards generating awareness, fundraising and leading the India Ms Day events across the country.

Married since 1981, Jyoti has two highly educated married children and two grandson who are all located outside Pune. Jyoti and her husband, who is a lawyer, stay alone in Pune and she manages her home with the help of a part time maid.

Her association with MSSI started in 2000 and a few years later she became a committee member of MSSI Pune Chapter. She is involved in all our activities, raising funds, startinga Human Chain with the tag line “Yes We Care” to spread awareness about MS.

To create awareness about MS she conducted three reach out programs, two to Ahmednagar and one to Sangli/Kolhapur during the years 2013 to 2016. In Ahmednagar she addressed the local association of doctors as also the College of Social Work where the main audience consisted of students. Her talks were well received, specially with the emphasis on the fact that MS attacks youngsters just as they get ready to start their careers. She also talked in Marathi over their local radio station to create awareness about MS. In Sangli and Kolhapur she held discussions with neurologists and requested them to inform their MS patients about MSSI Pune Chapter.

For MS Persons registered with MSSI Pune Chapter, she organised trips to Shirdi on two occasions and arranged for the patients to proceed for darshan without sanding in the queue for hours. She also raised funds to cover part of the expenses for these trips.

She located cheap supplies of adult diapers and initiated the idea of distributing adult diapers to MSPs. The idea was taken up by the Managing Committee and free distribution of diapers to MSPs was started.

In 2016, as part of India MS Day, she arranged for Akashvani to broadcast live talks about MS by an eminent neurologist. the broadcasts were spread over four days and she herself also spoke about MS on this occasion.

She has attended all MSSI AGMs regularly. For the MSIF conference to be held in Delhi, she single handed collected Rs. 100,000/- which was sent to MSSI HO.

In MSIF there is a committee of MS Persons from all over the world and she represented India on this Committee in 2009 and 2010 as the tenure for this was for a period of two years. She raised funds to cover her expenses to the UK to attend the conference. She has been nominated twice as MS Person of the year for the James D Wolfensohn award, once in 2009 and again in 2013. She holds certificates to this effect from MSIF.

She has taken part for six consecutive years in the“Mumbai Marathon with Disability” event.

Lastly, she was instrumental in starting the India MS Day during a time of the year when the weather is more suitable for MS Persons to take part in the event.

More than what is chronicled above, we need to salute Jyoti’s unflagging courageous spirit and passion for whatever she undertakes to do for other MS Persons, especially in view of the fact that her body refuses to keep pace with her quick-thinking brain and fully dedicated attitude. This, above all, is Jyoti’s hall mark … do whatever needs to be done … success will follow … if not, it is still OK!

On popular demand please click the link below to view MSSI webcast recording. This was held in May 2017as a part of patient education initiative in partnership with UCB. For all of you who missed it here is your chance to view doctors talking on Pregnancy & Fatigue in MS , and MS Managment -Importance & New Developments.  and the role MSSI play in enhancing quality of life of MS persons