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Jyoti Ronghe

We were honoured to have Ms Jyoti Ronghe in conversation with us today sharing her journey through #multiplesclerosis and her joys of being associated with #MSSI. As #IndiaMSDay Person of the Year 2018, Jyoti needs no introduction. When I call her this morning, the 57 year old grandmother from Pune greets me with the warmest “hello”.

Diagnosed in 1998 with secondary progressive MS, she clearly recalls her journey of self-discovery and so gracefully puts it in one simple sentence: “I am a mother, and being a mother has helped me a lot, it has been my motive to overcome the challenges of MS”.

Jyoti’s love for her family extended and expanded in her work as an adoption consultant and now in her involvement with Mssi Pune Chapter. She has been involved with raising funds for the society, coining themes like ‘Yes we care’, starting the trend of Human Chain in 2009 that has now become synonymous with MSSI, conducting outreach programs, raising awareness through chat shows, and encouraging MS warriors to participate actively in these forums. She believes that it is very important that people with MS should be the ones driving causes like MSSI.

She is the Hon. Jt. Secretory of MSSI

She has been nominated from India as the MS Person of the Year in 2009 for Wolfonson Award

She has been the India representative for MSP Committee at MSIF from 2008 to 2012

For the past 5 years, she has been participating in Mumbai and Pune International Marathons in the wheel chair event

Her message for both MS warriors and supporters are as crisp and clear as her

For MS Warriors: “Be true to yourself. Help others where and when you can, even through your rough patches; so that when you need help, you can and should be able to ask for it, without hesitation”.

For MS Supporters: “Be empathetic towards understanding the invisible symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis”.