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Maheshwar Kusuma

We will be conversing with the nominees of #IndiaMSDay Person of the Year 2019 in the coming days and we start our journey with Mr. Maheshwar Kusuma from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India-Hyderabad Chapter.

With a calm, soft, and serene voice, Maheshwar tells me his story of how he had been working out of the country for almost 14 years when he was first diagnosed with #multiplesclerosis. The symptoms had been there for him for a while, even during his student years in the UK when he remembers experiencing lost vision, difficulty in hand movement coordination, and dragging of the feet. It was years later in 2013, while working in Middle East when he experienced another attack that he was fully made aware of the extent of the diagnosis.

After returning to India the following year, Maheshwar started searching for societies related to #MS and finally found the Hyderabad chapter and has been associated with it since.

He was initially invited to be a committee member of the chapter after actively attending numerous meetings and today serves as its Jt. Secretary

He is the technical expert behind the mailers, banners, data gathering and other critical functions that are required for the AGMs

Maheshwar has organised yoga workshops, conducts patient visits, is part of Mandala Arts and PWMS

He has completed the 2017 & 2018 half marathons (21 kms) in a record time of 3 hours and 15 minutes along with 30 kms of cycling

He loves to motivate others with MS and is always readily available to provide any help and guidance, through his journey

His message for both MS warriors and supporters are:

“Through MS, it is the mental understanding and toughness that you come out with, it makes you that much stronger”