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Raj Dhyani

The first thing you notice is the zest and passion that flows from Mr. Raj Dhyani’s voice, our nominee of #IndiaMSDay Person of the Year 2019 from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India. Mumbai Chapter.

Speaking to him, I learn that he has been in the financial services industry and is now the CTO of a firm that works on concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence – something that he intends to use for #multiplesclerosisawareness. Back in the year 2000 around March, then as a 38-year old, Raj started noticing that while walking he used to trip and fall down often, despite being active in sports and athletics. When he consulted a doctor, they referred him to a neurologist who helped with his diagnosis of #MS.

With limited information on his hands, Raj made it his life’s mission to research as much as possible about #multiplesclerosis to find a solution and literally went ‘back to basics’ of the Indian traditional healthcare. After a year’s worth of research and trials, he started a 5 step plan towards a cure for his condition that included 1) Consuming root turmeric during sunset, 2) Practicing ‘Pranayam’, 3) Excluding animal protein from his diet barring fish, 4) Avoiding extreme temperatures, 5) Practicing ‘Sanjeevani Mudra’. This showed tremendous results for him in the follow-up MRI scans.

In 2001, he went for the #MSSI meet and noticed that there were many people who could benefit from his regimen and decided to get actively involved with the society. He believes that it is the fear factor in MS patients that pulls them down and with the right advice and support, they can see the benefits of traditional treatments. Each time any MS patient came forward to him with their problems, he would first try out the solutions on himself and then counselled them; this gave them a much needed confidence boost and mental support towards recovery.

Raj is part of the Managing Committee and is actively involved in fundraising for MS

His work with MSSI has been featured in Times of India

He also works with Teach for India during weekends

His message for both MS warriors and supporters are:

“Lot of things are in your mind; if you decide that you can make a difference and can get better, then you absolutely can”