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It’s time to #ReassessMS

What is MS?

There is an increasing trend of failure to get disability certificates on-ground, there are systemic barriers such as non-availability of neurologists in the assessment panel, making PwMS wait in long lines in the extreme hot or cold weathers (making their symptoms worse) What adds to the woes is the lack of awareness.

Why Reassess MS?

Through our #ReassessMS campaign, we will be sharing the stories of everyday challenges that persons with MS face because of the lack of inclusive guidelines. Brace yourself for an insightful journey where we collectively raise our voice for the rights of persons with MS and their families!

How can you support?

We want to change this! We want to amplify these concerns and bring to the forefront our need to review the current Assessment Guidelines in the RPWD Act – 2016 so that it becomes more inclusive. You can Voice your concern or Support the cause or Help reaching out to the right authority.

Stories of MS Persons

MS Persons talking about their challenges who are trying to make their voices heard that bring about a change for them.