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Ensuring that people affected with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can continue to live life to the fullest as we strive we offer support and programs to enhance the quality of Life.

India MS Map

Catch up on the footprint of MS persons in India

On #NationalStatisticsDay, MSSI launched the #IndiaMSMap !

When policies for MS are made – are you counted?

Do you benefit from them?

Do you get to know the latest information to treat MS?

With no comprehensive national data on MS, many get left behind in accessing schemes or resources designed for them. Therefore, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India has launched this initiative. The India MS Map aims to crowd-source mapping of the prevalence of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in India.

Our endeavour is to ensure that no one gets left behind!

Fill in your information here: https://cutt.ly/IndiaMSMap and be a part of the India MS map now!

Numbers Matter

Am I Counted?

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of India has launched the #NumbersMatter Campaign to bring attention to the fact data is important. Absence of data causes barriers in access to affordable treatment, policy formulation and research for Multiple Sclerosis, Therefore, there is an immediate need for a mechanism to collect comprehensive data on Multiple Sclerosis at the country level.


World MS Day 2021

Catch up on the World MS Day 2021 events

A New Guide for MS Caregivers!

The value of the caregiver movement in the context of conditions like MS can hardly be overemphasized. As India is in the grip of the second deadly wave of COVID-19, it has become imperative to mention that the caregiver’s challenges have increased manifold cutting across the mental and physical boundaries. This year, under the World MS Day global theme – Connections, we decided to turn the spotlight on MS family caregivers and provide a relevant resource in the form of a guide that will help them to prepare, manage and cope with caregiving duties – Guide for MS Caregivers.

We at MSSI salute all the caregivers for their tireless service and send wishes for your well-being and resilience. We hope you enjoy reading this guide and it will make a difference to you and improve the quality of your life.

The Guide was launched on 30th May 2021 on the occasion of World MS Day. We were joined by Dr Nimesh G Desai, Director of Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences and Ms Bhavna Issar Founder caregiver from Saathi for the launch. See full event video below:


We endeavour to bring to you valuable resources on Multiple Sclerosis. Please do visit our resources section for knowledge articles, videos and other government-related resources,

MS Knowledgebase
We are constantly looking for answers and often end up not finding the right information when needed. Our aim is to create a repository of knowledge that might empower you. Could be those frequently asked questions, or some white papers or some journals, you’ll find them here.

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Documents and Links
With a world of information out there, finding what’s relevant to us is a huge task. We try to bring to you some of the important documents, website links and other resources that are more relevant to us. We have curated some of these documents and links that we felt are important. Take a look!

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2.6 million

MS patients in the world

2 lakh

MS people in India


MS people in our Chapters


MS Chapters in India

Helping the MS Patients across India through multiple MSSI Chapters




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Serving MS persons across India to improve their Quality of Life by providing

  • Home Nursing Care Physiotherapy
  • Scholarships
  • Counselling
  • Caregiver Sessions
  • Information Dissemination on latest research finding and treatments
  • Webcast
  • Doctor Patient Interactions
  • Medical Camps & Seminars
  • Yoga
  • and a lot more!

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