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Ensuring that people affected with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can continue to live life to the fullest as we strive we offer support and programs to enhance the quality of Life.

Updated global COVID-19 advice for people with MS

Our global advice on COVID-19 and MS has been updated, following extensive consultation with MS neurologists and research experts from MSIF’s member organisations and the MS community.

Key changes to the advice include specifying which groups of people with MS are most at risk of a severe case of COVID-19 and reformulating the information provided on the use of disease-modifying therapies during the pandemic.

You can see the full advice (in English) here: www.msif.org/covid19. Feel free to include this updated advice on your websites and share with your networks.

I know many of you translated previous versions of the advice. If you would like to support with translating the updated advice, please let me know. We will signpost to all translations from our COVID-19 and MS landing page.

International Progressive MS Alliance webcast – Thursday 25 June

We invite you to join us for a live-streamed International Progressive MS Alliance webcast next week. The discussion will focus on recent advances in progressive MS research and what we know about the effects of COVID-19 on people with MS.

It is open to all and we’re encouraging people to submit questions in advance. Please do share with your networks and come along on Thursday. Please note, the webcast will be in English. Find out more about the event and the panel here: www.msif.org/progressiveMSanswers

World MS Day 2020 – Events

Events from the various MSSI Chapters of India for World MS Day on 30 May 2020.

The Art of Connection
The MS Society of India is creating stunning ‘Mandalas’ in celebration of World MS Day.
» View the Article » View the art in PDF

MS Person Anjali Vyaas from Pune shares her mandala art experience.
Steps to colour a Mandala (BY SMUDGING) on your smartphone
» View the Article

» Catch up on more activities on the dedicated World MS Day 2020 page.


We endeavour to bring to you valuable resources on Multiple Sclerosis. Please do visit our resources section for knowledge articles, videos and other government-related resources,

MS Knowledgebase
We are constantly looking for answers and often end up not finding the right information when needed. Our aim is to create a repository of knowledge that might empower you. Could be those frequently asked questions, or some white papers or some journals, you’ll find them here.

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Documents and Links
With a world of information out there, finding what’s relevant to us is a huge task. We try to bring to you some of the important documents, website links and other resources that are more relevant to us. We have curated some of these documents and links that we felt are important. Take a look!

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