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You can be a part of MSSI in more than one way.
Donate, Become a member or a volunteer and contribute to the welfare of MS Patients.


Multiple Sclerosis Society of India provides subsidized support and rehabilitative services like physiotherapy, home nursing care, medicines, mobility aids and scholarships for MS children. Your generosity will help us to continue our mission of reaching the unreached.

To make a donation, please click the ‘Donate Now‘ button below.


Enrol with us as an MS warrior to get benefits and services as or when provided to MS persons by MSSI. You will also get the opportunity to meet other MS warriors like you, who fought with MS and now leading a healthy and normal life. Join us as an MS warrior.


Make a difference in the lives of MS patients. Become a Member!! Membership enables you to actively take part in the activities of the MS Society of India. There are several chapters within India and you can enrol yourself as a member to any of the chapters. Membership also enables you to take up executive roles in participating, conducting and organising various activities and programs for the benefit of MS Patients at large.


Volunteering is important as it offers essential help to the persons with Multiple Sclerosis, people in need, and the wider community. MSSI mainly rely on the generosity of volunteers and cannot afford to pay the salaries for the full-time staff across all the chapters. MSSI encourages the volunteers to grow and develop their skills while serving with MSSI. You can; Give time, use your talents, Share professional expertise or Help in events and awareness campaigns. Are you game for it? Go ahead and sign-up as a volunteer.

Go ahead. Sign-up.

Fill-out this online form and one of us will get in touch with you to take it forward.