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Need to Reassess Current Assessment Guidelines under RPWD Act 2016

Webinar on the RPWD ACT held by MSSI Pune 18th June 2021

Panel Discussion with Disability organisations organised by MSSI

Jobs for Persons with Disabilities – Part 1

Jobs for Persons with Disabilities – Part 2

On the occasion of 35th anniversary of MSSI, Multiple Sclerosis Society of India, MSSI Mumbai organised this webinar.

The MS Education and Awareness Initiative of national office kicked off on 27 July 2019 with the 1st MS Education Webinar on Understand MS ..Don’t fear it!

Presenters : Mrs Renuka Malaker National Secretary MSSI & Dr Pravar Passi Consultant Neurologist MBBS (AIIMS), MD (AIIMS), DNB, DM Neurology (AIIMS), MNAMS

Summary: Renuka (also Caregiver) started the webinar with an introduction of MSSI and the role it plays in Improving quality of life to people living with MS in India. She spoke about the various services and activities conducted and provided information and contact details of all 8 chapters.

Dr Passi who is a practicing Neurologist based in Indore talked about Understanding what is MS. Understanding about the disease empowers one to deal with it in a better way and fear it.

This was followed by a Q&A session and Dr Passi was able to answer many questions from MS person ranging from symptoms, types of MS, how to manage etc.

For all those who missed this amazing webinar please click here to see the recorded version