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About MSSI

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI) is a registered voluntary, non-profit organization established in 1985. We work for the welfare of people affected by Multiple Sclerosis and are affiliated to MSIF UK (Multiple Sclerosis International Federation).

Our founder members  Mrs. Rehmut S. Fazalbhoy and Mr. A. H.Tobaccowala, former Chairman, Voltas India, Mr. K. N.Randeria, Mrs. Sheela Chitnis, Mr. A.J. Joglekar and Major Sharan gathered together with a view to promote the welfare of Multiple Sclerosis persons in India. Since 1985 we have grown gradually and today nine regional chapters are serving and addressing needs of Multiple Sclerosis person locally.

The head office of the society is based on Mumbai, the Head office team members are drawn from various chapters so that regional issues and voices are brought to an all India platform and to a larger audience.

Of late there is a lot of debate and discussion around the 14 recently added disabilities among patient welfare groups and NGOs after the new Right of People With Disability Act, 2016 was passed. The list has been expanded from 7 to 21 diseases or conditions. Now Multiple Disabilities is included in the new RPWD Act including Cerebral Palsy, Dwarfism, Muscular Dystrophy, Acid Attack victims, Hard of Hearing, Speech and Language disability, Specific Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Chronic Neurological Disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, Blood Disorders such as Haemophilia, Thalassemia and Sickle cell anaemia.

The question to what extent does this help Person with MS and does it address their needs in the field of employment, job security, government schemes, insurance and even access to affordable treatment?

Through our Resources section it our endeavour to help you access information from relevant websites and sources. To read more Click on Resources

National Team

  • Mr. Hemant Nerurkar – Hon. President
  • Dr. Rekha Bhatkande – Hon. Vice President
  • Mrs. Mamta Gupta – Hon. Vice President
  • Mr. Sandeep Chitnis – Hon. National Secretary
  • Mr. Ramesh Rao – Hon. National Treasurer
  • Mrs. Renuka Malaker – Hon. Joint Secretary
  • Mr. Sanket Mestry – Hon. Joint Treasurer

Governing Council

  • Mr. Arun Mohan – Bangalore
  • Mrs. Ann Gonsalvez – Chennai
  • Mrs. Meenakshi Bhujwala – Delhi
  • Mr. P V Vasudev Naidu – Hyderabad
  • Ms. Abhishikta Khare – Indore
  • Mr. Anirban Banerjee – Kolkata
  • Mrs. Sheela Chitnis – Mumbai
  • Mrs. Jyoti Rhonge – Pune
  • Mr. Ram Kumar M R – Trivandrum

Our Focus

Strategic intervention on behalf of all chapters to build India wide programs
Facilitate formation of Support Groups under existing Chapters
Programmatic intervention at a national level
Host and participates in International medical seminars & conferences
Liaise and participate in Multiple Sclerosis International Federation MSIF UK
Participate and Collaborate with external agencies to bring collective voice on a global platform in the space of Multiple Sclerosis

MSSI Chapters in India

MSSI is offering its services through multiple city/regional chapters within India. Click on the chapters to view it’s services, programmes, activities and events.




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