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Disability Employment Awareness Month

Swati Prakash

Celebrating Swati Prakash during Disability Employment Awareness Month!

Meet Swati, MSSI Delhi Chapter a resilient force breaking barriers in the workplace. Diagnosed with MS just three years ago, she faced balance issues but emerged stronger. Armed with a Master’s degree, Swati is not just a marketing professional but also the proud owner of Swati Electronics.

Her journey included overcoming depression through counselling and embracing regular physiotherapy. Daily commuting from Greater Noida to Noida, Swati’s active role in her business radiates cheer and inspiration. She’s not just a business owner; she’s a beacon of hope for her fellow PwMS community.

Let’s applaud Swati’s determination and acknowledge the contributions of individuals like her during Disability Employment Awareness Month!

Payal Dhakappa

Introducing Payal Dhakappa, MSSI Kolkata is a beacon of positivity! As a Pediatric Physiotherapist, Payal is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of little ones.

Payal, MS Person is not just a professional in her field but is also eager to become an active member of the MSSI community. Her commitment to the well-being of others shines through her work, where, as an MS Warrior, she serves people online.

Join us in welcoming Payal as she embarks on this journey with enthusiasm and compassion. Together, we create a community that uplifts and supports one another!

Sahil Phougat

Spotlight on Sahil Phougat during Disability Employment Awareness Month!

Meet Sahil from MSSI Delhi Chapter, a resilient spirit hailing from Rohtak, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on March 31, 2017. His initial encounter with MS was daunting, yet Sahil never ceased exercising, and today, he doesn’t even feel like an MS patient, all thanks to his commitment to fitness.

Sahil, the only child of a farmer, walks 10 kms daily to manage his father’s farming land, demonstrating extraordinary dedication. Currently pursuing his MBA with support from MSSI Delhi, Sahil travels 90 kilometers to attend programs, showcasing his unwavering determination. A positive mindset, regular exercise, and staying busy are his keys to well-being.

Let’s salute Sahil for his resilience and dedication, breaking barriers and inspiring us all!

Varsha Prakash

Meet Varsha Prakash, MSSI Thiruvananthapuram Chapter, the epitome of strength and resilience! Living with Multiple Sclerosis since 2015, Varsha’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Despite being diagnosed at 24, Varsha is not only a dedicated High School Teacher but also a Research Scholar at the University of Kerala. She is breaking stereotypes as an official model for The Merrybellas Modeling Company, exclusively representing people with disabilities.

Varsha is a loving wife and a proud mother to a four-year-old daughter. Balancing vision and balance issues, she continues to defy odds with her unwavering motivation.

Varsha’s academic achievements are nothing short of remarkable. In Economics, she has conquered the National Eligibility Test, State Eligibility Test, and the Kerala Eligibility Test. Holding a Master of Arts and a Master of Philosophy, she achieved all these milestones post-diagnosis.

Varsha Prakash, you are undoubtedly a courageous MS Warrior, an inspiration to us all!