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Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in India shouldn’t mean facing insurmountable barriers to essential health care. Yet, for too many MS patients, inadequate and restrictive health insurance policies are a harsh reality. Only a fraction of insurance plans cover chronic conditions like MS, leaving patients to bear overwhelming out-of-pocket expenses and navigate a system that fails to meet their needs.

The #InsureMyMs campaign demands change. We are dedicated to highlighting these crucial issues and advocating for comprehensive, fair, and inclusive insurance coverage for MS patients. By sharing powerful personal stories and mobilizing a community of advocates, we aim to push for urgent policy reforms that will transform the health insurance landscape in India.

We cannot accept a status quo where MS patients are left without the coverage they desperately need. Stand with us in our mission to secure reliable health insurance for all MS patients. Together, we can drive the long overdue change. Join the #InsureMyMs campaign and be a part of this crucial advocacy movement.