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World MS Day 2020

From the President of MSSI

Viresh Oberoi, President of Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI) speaks on the occasion of World MS Day 2020.

From the WMSD Representative

Shankar Subramanian World MS Day representative for Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI) speaks on the occasion of World MS Day 2020

Joy of Mandalas

An interactive webinar organised by Multiple Sclerosis Society of India on the Joy of Mandalas promoted by MSSI member Mamta Gupta.

The Art of Connection
The MS Society of India is creating stunning ‘Mandalas’ in celebration of World MS Day.
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MS Person Anjali Vyaas from Pune shares her mandala art experience.
Steps to colour a Mandala (BY SMUDGING) on your smartphone
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Mandalas in support of World MS day 2020
Check out the colourful mandalas created by people in support of World MS Day.
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Read Stories
You can read stories of MS persons and their life journey here
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Steps to colour a Mandala
Neelima of MSSI Hyderabad describes steps to colour a mandala on a Computer.
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Download Mandalas
You can download Mandals and colour them with the colours of your choice.
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Mrs. Sheela Chitnis, M.A. from Mumbai University is Co-Founder of Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI). Her husband Mukund Chitnis was the first MS Patient with whom the MSSI was established in Mumbai in 1985. Since then Sheela has done pioneer work in India for the Awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and has initiated many innovative welfare projects pertaining to physical and economic Rehabilitation of MS Patients in Mumbai, most of which are replicated in all other Chapters of MSSI.

She has continuously strived to raise MS Awareness through Talks on various platforms about Multiple Sclerosis which was totally unknown disease among the general public as well as a medical fraternity.

She has introduced “MS Walk” in 2002 in Mumbai, which is now regular annual event all over India.

Her first big fund raising of Rs.1,50,000/- for MSSI was through her own collage paintings in 1993 and since then she has raised maximum funds.

She is the first one to showcase MSSI’s work at MS International Federation which was appreciated by them from time to time.

Support from Members and People

Viraja Maganti speaks on the occasion of World MS Day 2020

Sanket Mestry, MSSI Member, Indore speaks on MS Connections

“TOGETHER”a song sung by MS person Hema Gulati from MSSI Hyderabad

Mandira Bedi speaks on the occasion of  World MS Day 2020

Mandalas for World MS day 2020

Mandalas created by people in support of World MS Day 2020.

This is one of the mandala created by Nidhi who is studying in 8th standard. She has heard about her mother’s cousin who is an MSP, Shankar Ganesh and was ready to the manadala as part of awareness campaign in support of world MS day 2020. Nidhi is a creative kid with drawing, painting doodling , making mandalas as her regular activities at home. She reads lots of books and wants to become a doctor. We wish her all success in her life and thanks to the support offered through her art work.

MSperson M.Sirisha from MSSI Hyderabad shows extraordinary enthusiasm in redrawing and colouring the mandalas with sketch pens in the absence of a printer. Good job Sirisha !!

“Mandala….a wonderful way to divert urself from ur mental or any kind of tensions….best diversion. I love to do mandala on a paper…while doing totally forgot all my physical pain and also mental tensions …it’s the best way to divert I feel relaxed and I also got 2 different mandala’s to colour….excited like a little girl…it also brings out the little child in me who would sharpen her colour pencils to make a perfect colouring art.”
~Dimple – MSSI Hyderabad

Tiara is the 8-year old daughter of Sanket Mestry, our founder chairperson of Indore chapter, and she created this on MS Paint!

Mandala. Not only asks u to puts colour on the paper but also brings alive the colours in Ur life. Holding the colour pencils in my hand Got me into my BACHPAN. Thank you Mamta for introducing mandala art.
~Arti Vishal

Colouring has always been a favourite pass time for me & since the lockdown, it has become a way of meditation. Mandala has added few advantages to these colouring along with concentration, away from anxiety, mood relaxant creativity in the use of colours etc.
~ Veena Choudhary

Aanchal Ramachandran creates mandalas on WorldMsday on the theme connections. Aanchal explores doodling, mandalas and making dreamcatcher as her favourite hobbies. These mandalas are dedicated to all PWMs.

Three cheers MSSI Bangalore !! Geetha Balaji shares her mandala art experience … “Though I’m facing severe pain due to frozen shoulder, I took it as a challenge and completed it successfully. Now feeling very satisfied and happy that I could be a part of you all.”

Friends lots of learning here !! “Gracious Namaste”
I’m Aarti from Kolkata offering my gratitude for the Mandala Artwork. I had an interest in drawing and painting since childhood so was keen to do it. Because of the lockdown around, I could not get the printout of the picture so I decided to complete the colouring via my phone. Soon I realised it was difficult to colour without screen pen, so I went through YouTube videos and made a pen using an earbud wrapped around by a copper wire, by slightly touching the cotton with water to make it moist, my pen was ready to work on my screen … I felt happy about myself about this small achievement. This piece of Art brought back a lot of childhood memories. Special thanks to Arun from Chennai for encouraging me and guiding me with the appropriate Colour App to complete the work. Thanks to MSSI team for such an innovative idea..”

This is Preeti Bery from Kolkata and I took up the mandala challenge and painted two mandalas- one with colour pencils n the other with crayons. Initially, I was a little apprehensive about taking it up but then ms has mentally made me very strong and I now love taking up challenges. In spite of partial vision in one eye n stiffness in my fingers, it took me six hours to complete both the mandalas. It has given me great pleasure to take up this task and complete it on time.

Beauty, art, creativity, talent, passion, fun, love, compassion and connection……all pouring out from the mandala art. Here’s Vandana Jain, an artist and a jewellery designer who loves playing with colours and has created her own Mandalas for MSSI. Thank you, Vandana for such beautiful wholehearted support.

MS person Sohini from Delhi created this beautiful piece of art just after our webinar on “Joy Of Mandalas” She expresses… “Thank you I enjoyed the session, Art creates magic and made me do this. Mandala Art enhanced the inner me to rock !!”

MSSI Hyderabad Chairperson Meena Gupta inspires her MS family !! She says.. “Colouring the Mandalas is awesome, it’s total relaxation. I have always been very fond of art and while filling the colours, many childhood memories flashed back. I like to give the colours some breathing space that’s why some parts are white. Reconnected with myself – loved it !!!!! “

“They say Relationships are made in heaven. Here is a relationship which is heaven for two of us. My little angel Chahat who is my friends niece filled a void of a daughter in my life. She calls me her best friend. We discuss everything kathak her passion, chocolates u name it. The best time of my day is when I get a video call from her to tell me how her day was…. Chahat is my reason to smile…MSperson Arun Mohan

London addicted to Mandala art. Sarika Sareen sends us her beautiful mandala full of love and gratitude. “I have never been into colouring or arts much. A couple of weeks back, I was really upset over the loss of a friend and couldn’t function at all. First time in over 20 years, I picked up a brush and it gave me so much peace & calm. Special thank you to my sister Namita Garg & aunt Mamta Gupta.
Kudos to Team MSSI for the amazing initiative and all the best!”

As Sushma says we are unstoppable so is mandala art. Paulina Arce from msif London sends us her best wishes along with her husband, children and nieces who enjoyed colouring the mandalas as a family activity. Heartfelt thanks and God bless.

Mandala art getting joyful and competitive. Sunita Lalwani , committee member MSSI Pune and her husband send their best wishes for #WMSD

Welcome the Netherlands !! Sarita Verma, our Governing Council and committee member from MSSI Pune with her family. Thank you, Sarita, for the most intricately coloured mandala and such an artistic presentation.

No campaign is complete without the participation of msif, Multiple Sclerosis International Federation. My heartfelt thanks to Abdelfatah Ibrahim for sending us this bright and beautiful Mandala for UK

Suman from Delhi shares her awesome #mandalas today with us along with a few lines on her journey through MS.

It’s Denmark now !! Aakil, son of Sunita Lalwani, committee member MSSI Pune, sends us his beautiful piece of art from Denmark. “Hi! I have come here to do my Master’s. When in India I enjoyed volunteering for MSSI Pune activities be it fundraising, marathon, walkathon,…. whatever. I’m glad that “Mandalas” theme was chosen for this year’s WMSD as it enabled me to participate from here. My Best Wishes to Team MSSI for all their future endeavours.”

Welcome, Tunisia! MS Person Nadia Habouria enjoyed colouring the mandalas along with her 7-year-old nephew. Thank you, Nadia, for these soothing, pretty mandalas.

Caregiver and Vice-Chairperson MSSI Hyderabad, Mr.Vasudev Naidu is addicted to mandala art. Look at the variety of colour schemes !!

I connect, we connect #msconnections going strong. A bold splash of colours !!

“Happiness is the mother and daughter time.” MS Person Sushma from MSSI Hyderabad reflects on her mandala art. “This Mandala with simple VIBGYOR colours reflects the spectrum of emotions a PwMS goes through each day. What we feel in the morning is different from the afternoon and entirely can be opposite towards the evening. Happy, moody, energetic, dull, irritated, calm, depressed, enthusiastic.. Hence the combination of warm, cool and neutral colours!

Mandala on her computer for us ~ she explained the process of digital colouring during our webinar last week ~ you can watch it again here

Sheeba is so happy to see the mandalas coloured by her caregiver Simran. Their #mandalaart story goes like this… “One fine morning I saw some circular design papers lying on the table. Couldn’t resist myself to look at them, very excitedly rushed towards them grabbed my box of colour pencils and started colouring without wasting a minute. I was totally out of the world as I always love to color. I started filling colors of my choice. They are so beautiful, I never knew they are called *MANDALAS*. Wow! What a great role colors play in our lives,it’s a powerful communication tool that influence mood and even influence psychological reactions. While coloring *Mandalas* I have learnt the benefits and impact of colors that help in the development of *_BRAIN_* and makes the brain more creative. I really loved the journey of colouring the *MANDALAS*

MS Person Mercy from Chennai enjoyed creating this unique and beautiful mandala during the lockdown.

MSperson Swapna Ganpathi who picked up the designs from facebook after she attended the webinar says she enjoyed coulouring the mandalas, specially the Buddha one on the computer. She loves to draw and colour. Mandala art made her relax and calm.

My daughter and I were wanting to do something destressing and satisfying during this lockdown period in the midst of our work from home and work at home schedules.Doing these mandalas was such fun and brought out the latent artist in us alive.I thank MSSI especially Mamta Gupta for giving us an opportunity to do the same.
~Seema Jetley Sharma

Author, remedial educator and a mental health professional, Farida Ahmed Raj, committee member MSSI Hyderabad sends us her best wishes on WMSD through her beautiful mandalas. “Colouring Mandals help harness my thoughts that gallop like a wild horse. It keeps me rooted in the present moment.”

Neelima from Hyderabad creates a beautiful Mandala on her computer for us ~ she explained the process of digital colouring during our webinar last week ~ you can watch it again here

Tanmayee Prabhudessai from Goa found us here on our FB page and sent us these beautiful creations

Mandala created by Egyptian artist Yasmin Ali and coloured by Indian artist Namita Garg

Mandala coloured by Meena Gupta

Mandala from Argentina courtesy Johana Bauer

It is awe inspiring to see one’s creation donning such different colors and been painted by people from all over the world. The theme “I connect…we connect” definitely resonates with all of us I thoroughly enjoyed creating the mandalas. The Egyptian mandala– took me to research ancient Egyptian symbols which I included in the piece
Creating these mandalas and then watching the transformation unfold as every member wove coloured magic into them was mesmerising! The finished product gave me a sense of happiness, of sharing, of an achievement that cannot be put into words! The Egyptian mandala has the Egyptian hieroglyph ‘Ankh’ as its element- Ankh is a powerful symbol and represents life and that is what it brought into the design. Coloring the Egyptian mandala gave me an unusual experience. I felt like a person possessed! Guess that’s one reason as to why the gradual coloring towards to the top of the wings- Aiming to soar! So surreal!”
~Sushil Kumar
It was a great honour and pleasure to draw the mandalas for MSSI for ‘I connect, we connect’ theme! It is really gratifying to see that people enjoy colouring these mandalas. I like both-lot of colours and black and white theme so I tried both these in colouring the mandalas and I loved doing them.
~Namita Garg
Senior citizen, Hemant Korke from MSSI Mumbai created this mandala as he’s taken up to his hobby of drawing and painting after retirement and enjoyed working on this piece of art.


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Download Mandalas

You can download Mandalas to colour them from here. You can click the desired Mandala to download. If you wish to download all of them click here.