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Steps to colour a Mandala

By May 16, 2020General

MS Person Anjali Vyaas from Pune shares her mandala art experience.

Steps to colour a Mandala (BY SMUDGING) on your smartphone:

  1. Get the raw file of Madala in an editable format, jpg. While you have saved it in your phone’s gallery, you can use options to directly edit the picture on your phone.
  2. Choose your Mandala in the
  3. Find the ‘Edit picture’
  4. Select a suitable option to edit a You can find many options like effects, text, frame etc. Don’t use them. Find a suitable option to EDIT the picture. In many phones like mine have an option of Graffiti.
  5. Let’s say you choose After pressing this option, you will see further options of it: Brush, eraser, a colour palette etc.
  6. Click the ‘brush’ icon and choose the suitable size to (The brush lets you smudge).
  7. Pick any colour to smudge a portion of your
  8. You can undo the edit if it goes
  9. Just be careful while saving the If you feel tired with all the smudging and have half completed the Mandala, save that half part and then later edit the saved part that you coloured. And tadaaaa… You are done!
  10. Also, there are of applications to paint a jpg file. You can find them on playstore. That might ease your effort of colouring.

Mandala art therapy is truly healing.

It is tiring to colour on the phone if the screen is not big enough! It needs patience and while I was doing it, it was really helping me being patient. The fact that a Mandala is made and coloured inside to outside, the process of doing so in itself a meditation!

The effort is worth it.

You all will love it. Try it, please! Share your work

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