Hyderabad Chapter

The Hyderabad Chapter was inaugurated on 4th Sep. 2005, with the four Founder Members: Mrs. Meena Gupta – Founder Chairperson, Mrs. Renu Swarup – Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Shilpa Sanghani – Secretary and Mrs. Vinodini Agrawal – Treasurer, by Dr. S.V. Khadilkar, who was then the Hon. National Vice President, MSSI Head Office and eminent leading Neurologist from Bombay Hospital in Mumbai. The inaugural event was supported by Dr. Reddy’s Lab, Hyderabad.

The Members began by visiting Neurologists in various hospitals to help create awareness. Immense support was provided by Doctors and hospitals. The Society started with 6 MS persons and today it has 135 MS persons. Since its inception we have been inviting Doctors and professionals from varied fields of activities for the monthly meetings conducted for the PwMS and the Caregivers to help them cope with the devastating disease and to meet the challenges of daily life.


  • Regular visits to the Home bound MS patients.
  • Monthly meetings.
  • Youth MS Group & Caregivers Group
  • Arogya – Annual Master Health Check
  • Free monthly MS Clinic at Apollo Hospital.
  • Free MRI once a year.
  • Free Medicines & Diapers to the financially weak persons
  • Free Beds, Airbeds, Wheelchairs, Walkers & Walking sticks.
  • Home Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Counseling.
  • Obtaining Disability Certificates.
  • Hospitalization – financial aid
  • Akanksha – Annual cultural evening
  • India MS Day
  • World MS Day
  • Fundraisers

Recent Activities

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Awareness Talk at Rotary Club

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An awareness talk on ‘Multiple Sclerosis’ & ‘MSSI’ was given by Chairperson Meena Gupta on 22nd August 2019 at Taj Tristar, Secunderabad. This was a joint speaker meeting of 4…

Laughter Therapy

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“Laughter is always the best medicine Silence will always be the best revenge Love will always be all you need” A very lively session conducted by MSSI Hyderabad Chapter on…

MS Youth Meeting

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All those long-forgotten college-days’ fun and laughs, crazy chit-chats, eating off others’ plates, giggling over one’s own traits, a Meet where everyone could be and behave how they are without…

Session on Naturopathy

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MSSI Hyderabad Chapter has viewed another interactive and informative session on NATUROPATHY – “Joy of Life depends on Health” Dr. Bapuji Balijepalli (Naturopath) was invited for a talk on the…

Team Members

  • Mrs. Meena Gupta – Chairperson
  • Mr. Vasudev Naidu – Vice Chairperson
  • Mrs. Shamsa Saba – Hon. Secretary
  • Ms. Neelima Aruru – Hon. Jt. Secretary
  • Mrs. Vinodhini Agarwal – Hon. Treasurer
  • Cmdr. Ramu Dasari – G. C. Member
  • Mrs. Mamta Gupta – Committee Member
  • Mrs. Arti Vishal Mital – Committee Member
  • Mrs. G. Sushma – Committee Member
  • Mrs. Dimple Bedi – Committee Member
  • Mrs. Farida Raj – Committee Member