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Annual Picnic – MSSI Mumbai

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The Mumbai Chapter organised its annual picnic on Friday, 6th January 2023 at Rani Baug, Byculla. 64 participants including PwMS and their families met for the fun day out.

Rani Baug also known as Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan is a zoo and garden covering 53 acres of land situated at Byculla, in the heart of Mumbai City. It is the oldest public garden in Mumbai with varied flora and fauna.

It was a perfect day to visit the zoo. The attendees took in the sights of various animals in awe and wonder. Some animals that delighted everyone were elephants, tigers, black bears, pythons, cobras, deer, monkeys & baboons.

Next, the group took a tour of the ‘Paradise of Birds’ with beautiful birds like Malabar pied Hornbill, Alexandrine Parakeet, Golden Pheasant, Red-breasted Parakeet, Rose-ringed Parakeet, Military Macaw, African Grey Parrot, White & Grey Cockatiel, Indian Peafowl etc.

The latest and very interesting addition to the zoo was the penguin enclosure that is the home for 13 penguins brought in from Seoul, South Korea.

The Zoo aviary offered a walkthrough among the noisy aquatic birds on the campus. Everyone walked on the wooden bridge, interacted with the birds, and also clicked pictures of the flying beauties. Pelicans, flamingos and albino crows, cranes, herons and storks were among the other species in this aviary made for aquatic birds.

A sumptuous lunch was served and enjoyed by everyone. The group also celebrated Bhakti Jadhav, PwMS’ birthday with wishes of luck and good health.

Dr Dev, Curator of the Zoo personally guided the group through the place and also brought the animals closer to the visitor’s arena so that everybody could capture good selfies and photos. Dr Dev waived the entry fees also which was a big help to MSSI. The chapter is grateful to Dr Dev for his support, making the picnic successful & also thankful to Mr Kais, who provided lunch at concessional rates.

It was a great day for all the attendees with lots of laughter, pictures, and discussions which strengthened the bond between all.


Home Visits – MSSI Delhi

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Delhi Chapter had adapted to online or virtual home visits during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last 2 years in spite of the pandemic & lockdowns, they managed to keep in constant touch with PwMS and enrol new members. As part of their patient outreach & the ‘Know Your Member’ initiative, they resumed Home Visits in June. These visits got an enthusiastic response from the newly enrolled members who were full of questions and doubts that were gently but professionally tackled by a team of volunteers. Mary Toppo, a trained Psychologist and a PwMS herself, with a PG Diploma in Guidance and Counselling also joined them during these visits.

Annual Picnic – MSSI Hyderabad

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The Hyderabad Chapter organised a picnic on 25 December 2022 at Shilaparamam, Hyderabad. It is a beautiful place and every year artisans from all over the country participate in the All India Crafts Mela held between 15th-31st December. They exhibit textiles and artefacts famous from their respective states. The place has been developed beautifully over the years and is a feast to the eyes. 75 PwMS and their caregivers attended the picnic. The USP of the picnic was that not only did PwMS from Hyderabad participated but many came from different parts of Telangana as well. A game of Tambola was organised and prizes for the same were distributed in various categories. Delicious snacks and lunch were served which everyone enjoyed. It was a good bonding time for everyone as they chatted and exchanged pleasantries. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the air as it was Christmas day. After lunch, many indulged in shopping and had a great time with their respective families and friends.

Christmas Celebration

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MSSI Chennai chapter celebrated Christmas on Saturday 17 December 2022 at the BOSCH Office. The program started with Christmas Carols by Mr. Stanley & Band. The Christmas message was delivered by Mrs. Mercy Vishnu, PwMS & her husband Vishnu, PwMS dressed up as Santa Claus for the whole evening. He danced to music & disturbed gifts to all members and caregivers. Everyone enjoyed playing games like ‘Human Christmas Tree’ where you dress each other with decorations, representing the Christmas Tree. A game of Tombola was followed by high tea & the celebrations came close on a touching note with songs by Ms. Jothi a blind singer.

17th Anniversary of MSSI Hyderabad Chapter

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An event of celebration was organized with fun, frolic, music, dance and games for all PwMS, Caregivers and their children.

Interactive Session on ‘Recent Advances in Rehabilitation for MS’ by Dr. T. Sunil Kumar

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Dr. T. Sunil Kumar Reddy, Neuro Physiotherapist from Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, has an experience of 16 years in this field and practices at the Asian Trans Care in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Some of the services provided by him are, Trauma Injury Physiotherapy/Rehab, Neuro Developmental Therapy, Post Surgery Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation etc. MSSI Hyderabad chapter had an interactive, informative and very enlightening session with him where he emphasized the following points:

  1. Briefed on MS and stated how one can slow down the progression of MS.
  2. Treatment for each patient is relative.
  3. Exercise levels should be increased gradually.
  4. The rise in the body temperature increases fatigue therefore hot water baths should be avoided. He gave small tips on how to avoid fatigue.
  5. Walking is an activity, not an exercise.
  6. Advised to eat smaller meals.
  7. Patients with a high BMI are prescribed ‘Hydration Therapy’.

It is a myth that exercise causes disease progression.

Breath in Pain Management by Shakuntala Devulapally, Senior Yoga Therapist

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Hyderabad Chapter hosted an interactive online yoga session focusing on Breath in Pain Management, by Shakuntala Devulapally, Yoga Therapist. She taught ‘guided breathing’ to PwMS during the session and talked about recognising pain & how the breath is important in pain management.

Visit to MSSI Mumbai Office by Kush Kale & Interaction with PwMS

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Kush Kale, grandson of Late PwMS Mrs. Neelima, Former National Treasurer, MSSI and  Late Mr. Sharad Kale is a 1st-year student of MBBS from Oxford University, London. During his trip to Mumbai, he had the pleasure of spending four days with Dr. Pradyumna Oak, Director & Head of Neurology, Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai. To gain a wider perspective of the Indian MS Society, he had a one-to-one interaction with a few patients who are dealing with MS. It was an informative interaction where he highlighted the work done by MS Societies in the UK. This session was organised by Mrs. Sheela Chitnis and attended by Sandeep Chitnis, Hon. National Secretary &  Surekha Nerurkar, Hon. Treasurer of Mumbai Chapter, Kush’ parents Milind & Nutan and sister Kavya along with other MSSI Staff.


Physiotherapy Training Workshop

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A Training Session on the Importance of Physiotherapy in Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation was conducted by Dr. Jasmine Anandabai, Principal and Associate Professor Jyotirao Phule Subharti College of Physiotherapy, Swami Vivekananda Subharti University, Meerut. She is the former HoD, Rehabilitation at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Research Centre-Delhi, Fortis Hospital, NOIDA & Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi. This very valuable workshop is conducted twice a year as training for our newly inducted PTs & OTs and works as a refresher as well as an open forum for our regular PTs/OTs. The session is conducted in the comfort of our office along with lunch & refreshment breaks. Project head Bipasha Gupta, Mridula Murgai & staff also attended the session. 17 participants from our Home Physio team also took part in the workshop.

Divyang Sanskrutik Mahotsav 2022

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The Regional Deputy Commissioner (Mumbai), The Ministry of Social Justice & University of Mumbai in association with the Cerebral Palsy Association of India organised a ‘Divyang Sanskrutik Mahotsav’ on Tuesday 13 December 2022 at the University of Mumbai, Santacruz East, Kalina.

This event was specially organised to showcase the talents of young divyang persons in various fields. All the Divyang Achievers of 21 Disabilities falling under the PWD Act, 2016 were felicitated with the Achievers Award.

Divya Sreevalsan, PwMS associated with the Mumbai Chapter was also one of the persons who was chosen to receive this prestigious award. Divya has been a strong MS warrior for 15 years. As her MS progressed, her mobility gradually deteriorated and she has been using a wheelchair for quite some years now. She is a skilled graphic designer and enthusiastically works on assignments from the comfort of her home. Lately, she has been feeling weakness in the trunk and upper limbs and started using a powered wheelchair. She was presented with an achiever’s award and a citation certificate at the ceremony.

Mrs. Sundari Raju, Hon. Secretary MSSI, Mumbai Chapter, Geeta Mirchandani & Jigna Chanpura, PwMS also attended the award function. 30 special schools from Mumbai City & Mumbai Suburban participated in the event & trustees of various organisations were present at the ceremony.

It was a very entertaining program and heart-warming to see the talents displayed by especially abled persons who have excelled in various fields.