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Face to Face Meeting

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The Hyderabad Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India came together for a heartwarming face-to-face meeting at Saptaparni Banjara Hills, Hyderabad on 17th September 2023.

Mrs. Meena Gupta, the Hyderabad Chapter Chairperson, set the tone with a warm welcome. Thereafter, laughter echoed as we played Tambola, fostering camaraderie among all. Excitement soared during the lucky dip, where Tambola tickets revealed surprise winners. After that, a spirited game of Pictionary got our minds buzzing with fun and intellectual challenges. Lastly, Mrs. Meena Gupta’s closing speech expressed appreciation and encouraged continued contributions. Our face-to-face meeting was a resounding success, bringing unity, fun, and intellectual engagement to our members. It was a day to cherish, highlighting achievements and recognizing our incredible members’ efforts. Let’s keep this positive momentum going!

MSSI at NIMS Hospital

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MSSI Hyderabad Chapter members joined NIMS Hospital, Hyderabad on 3 June 2023 on their campus for an interactive session by the Neurology Department.

Welcome & Introduction by Dr Reshma Sultana Sheikh, Neurologist

Chief Guest – Dr Bheerappa Nagar, Director NIMS

Our Hon. Chairperson Mrs Meena Gupta addressed the gathering and spoke about the Hyderabad Chapter’s role in the effective management of MS. She was felicitated by Dr Surya Prabha. The eminent doctors present addressed the gathering, each one throwing light on the effects of MS, its treatment and management. The panel discussion was followed by an interactive Q&A session.

The PwMS were given an opportunity to speak about themselves and shed light on the challenges they face and ask questions. It was a wonderful opportunity for the Hyderabad Chapter as they gained new members after the session!

The panel of doctors included:
Dr Y Sireesha, Neurologist
Dr Rashmin Gandhi, Neuro Ophthalmologist
Dr G Padmaja, Psychiatrist
Dr Dheeraj, Urologist
Dr Lakshmana Prasad Gadde, Physiotherapist

MSSI Hyderabad – World MS Day 2023 Awareness

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MSSI Hyderabad Chapter celebrated WMSD with a lot of enthusiasm and fervour at City Center Mall on 30 May. PwMS, caregivers, volunteers and guests had a great time at the event.

Dr Vikram Sharma, Chief Neurologist, Omega Hospital was the chief guest and spoke on Stress Management in MS. Children of PwMS performing well in academics and sports were felicitated with trophies and cash prizes.

Siddhardha the whistler accompanied by Srikant kept the audience enthralled by giving a wonderful performance. The programme ended by forming the MS heart and human chain.

Session on MS – A Positive Approach

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A talk was given on ‘MS – A Positive Approach’ by Dr Vikram Sharma, consultant Neurophysician, Omega Hospitals, Gachibowli. Some of the takeaways from his talk were that chest infections should be treated immediately, the power of exercise is the most important thing in life, and never to give up in life, 2/3rd of people with MS can walk. He suggested reading the book ‘The Secret’.

Annual Health Checkup

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Hyderabad Chapter organised its Annual Health Checkup for PwMS and their caregivers on 19 March 2023 at Lucid Medical Diagnostics. 33 persons availed of the health check; 22 PwMS and 11 caregivers. The health checkup was inclusive of Blood tests, Lipid Profile, Liver Profile, Kidney Profile, Thyroid Profile, Iron Profile, Hb1ac, VITAMIN B12, VITAMIN D, X-Ray Chest, ECG and Ultrasound of the abdomen. The whole process was seamless and well-organised



India MS Day Celebrations | Ceremonial Walk

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MSSI Hyderabad Chapter celebrated India MS Day 2023 by organising an MS Walk in Mahila Samajam Park, Srinagar Colony on 5 February 2023. This was very well attended by the PwMS, Caregivers, volunteers, and guests; more than 70 people participated in the event. The Walk was flagged off by Chief Guest Dr Rishi Swarup, Ophthalmologist. He is the Director of Swarup Eye Centre. The walk ended with lots of bonhomie and a sumptuous breakfast was served to all the participants. There were a lot of enquiries by the morning walkers and passersby who stopped to pick up leaflets wanting to know more about MS hence, helping us create awareness. There were 6 students from Kamineni Hospital, training under Dr Annie Hasan, a well-known Geneticist. Dr Hasan and members from the Inner Wheel Club of Secunderabad also joined us for the walk to support the cause.

Thermal screening for early detection of Breast Cancer

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MSSI Hyderabad Chapter conducted a medical camp on 22 January 2023 for ‘Thermal Screening for Early Detection of Breast Cancer’. It was a ‘No Touch and Painless’ procedure for early detection of cancer. 30 PwMS, caregivers and life members of MSSI availed of this opportunity. A big thank you to Ms Meena Gupta and Ms Mamta Gupta for organising such a seamless screening. Shout out to the chapter treasurer Ms Vinodini Agarwal for conducting the camp at a beautiful venue and our committee member Ms Farida Raj for being a great support by giving impeccable instructions before the screening.

Annual Picnic – MSSI Hyderabad

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The Hyderabad Chapter organised a picnic on 25 December 2022 at Shilaparamam, Hyderabad. It is a beautiful place and every year artisans from all over the country participate in the All India Crafts Mela held between 15th-31st December. They exhibit textiles and artefacts famous from their respective states. The place has been developed beautifully over the years and is a feast to the eyes. 75 PwMS and their caregivers attended the picnic. The USP of the picnic was that not only did PwMS from Hyderabad participated but many came from different parts of Telangana as well. A game of Tambola was organised and prizes for the same were distributed in various categories. Delicious snacks and lunch were served which everyone enjoyed. It was a good bonding time for everyone as they chatted and exchanged pleasantries. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the air as it was Christmas day. After lunch, many indulged in shopping and had a great time with their respective families and friends.

Fashion Show : MSPs walked on the ramp

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An event of celebration was organized with fun, frolic, music, dance and games for all PwMS, Caregivers and their children.

Interactive Session on ‘Recent Advances in Rehabilitation for MS’ by Dr. T. Sunil Kumar

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Dr. T. Sunil Kumar Reddy, Neuro Physiotherapist from Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, has an experience of 16 years in this field and practices at the Asian Trans Care in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Some of the services provided by him are, Trauma Injury Physiotherapy/Rehab, Neuro Developmental Therapy, Post Surgery Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation etc. MSSI Hyderabad chapter had an interactive, informative and very enlightening session with him where he emphasized the following points:

  1. Briefed on MS and stated how one can slow down the progression of MS.
  2. Treatment for each patient is relative.
  3. Exercise levels should be increased gradually.
  4. The rise in the body temperature increases fatigue therefore hot water baths should be avoided. He gave small tips on how to avoid fatigue.
  5. Walking is an activity, not an exercise.
  6. Advised to eat smaller meals.
  7. Patients with a high BMI are prescribed ‘Hydration Therapy’.

It is a myth that exercise causes disease progression.