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India MS Day : Media Coverage

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Dive into the media buzz from India MS Day with this year’s theme, #InsureMyMS! “UNBREAKABLE SPIRIT” book launch by Ms. Farida Raj on IMSD.

Launch of Unbreakable Spirit on IMSD

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A Milestone Celebration! MSSI, Hyderabad Chapter marked India MS Day on Feb 4 with the launch of “UNBREAKABLE SPIRIT” by Ms. Farida Raj, a Remedial Educator and Executive Committee Member. This groundbreaking book, the first-ever authored by a non-MS professional, aims to create awareness about MS and inspire resilience.

The book sheds light on the importance of timely diagnosis, treatment, and support for leading active and healthy lives. It stands as a beacon of hope, fostering understanding and building empathetic networks beyond the confines of the condition.

An insightful session led by Ms. Meena Gupta, Chairperson MSSI Hyderabad, Ms. Farida Raj, and Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Neurologist at Apollo Hospital, preceded the launch. Ms. Gupta highlighted the #InsureMyMS campaign, seeking support for MS patients in obtaining disability certificates effortlessly.

The event garnered significant media coverage from Sakshi, Eenadu, Namaste Telangana, Pioneer, Hindi Milap, Rahnuma e Deccan, and TV Channels like tv5news, hmtv, amplifying the awareness on MS. Watchout this space for media coverage tomorrow!

Book Launch : Unbreakable Spirit on IMSD

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Another peak of the launch of Unbreakable Spirit by Ms. Farida Raj, Committee Member, MSSI, Hyderabad Chapter. Swipe left to see more updates on MSSI, Hyderabad Chapter’s India MS Day celebration

Recent Advances & Updates in the Management of Multiple Sclerosis

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MSSI Hyderabad Chapter conducted an enlightening session with Dr. Reshma Sultana Shaikh, a Neurologist from Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences, on “Recent Advances & Updates in the Management of Multiple Sclerosis”.

Dr. Shaikh debunked myths surrounding MS and emphasized the importance of open communication with your doctor without hesitation. Here are some key takeaways from her insightful session:

1. Yoga is Essential:Dr. Shaikh recommends making yoga a mandatory part of your routine for overall well-being.
2. Tailored Treatment:Recognizing that MS varies for each individual, treatments are customized based on specific needs.
3. No Cure, but Treatment Available: While there’s no cure for MS, there are effective treatments to manage the condition.
4. Combatting Fatigue:Exercise is key to increasing endurance and combating fatigue associated with MS.
5. Stay Hydrated: Ensure sufficient hydration for overall health and well-being.
6. Vitamin D Connection: Dr. Shaikh highlighted the correlation between Vitamin D and MS, underlining its significance.
7. Acceptance and Adaptation: Acceptance of the disease is crucial. Dr. Shaikh encourages using walking sticks if needed for better mobility.

The session was highly interactive, allowing People with MS (PwMs) to clarify doubts, and Dr. Shaikh patiently addressed all questions.

Let’s continue spreading awareness and supporting each other on this journey!

Chair Yoga Session with Ms. Shakuntala

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The Hyderabad Chapter of MSSI had a rejuvenating Chair Yoga Session on 17th Dec, 2023, conducted by the incredible Ms. Shakuntala!

Ms. Shakuntala, a seasoned Yoga Teacher and Therapist with over eight years of experience, brought her expertise to Saptaparni, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. The session was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing Chair Yoga as a versatile practice for all the people present.

Starting with soothing breathing exercises, Ms. Shakuntala seamlessly incorporated the chair as a prop for various exercises. The hall was buzzing with energy as the enthusiastic audience actively participated, embracing the comfort of chair-based yoga.

Chair Yoga is a true blessing for those who may find traditional yoga challenging, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of mobility. The interactive Question-Answer session that followed allowed participants to dive deeper into the benefits and techniques shared by Ms. Shakuntala.

Kudos to MSSI Hyderabad for organizing this wonderful session, and a heartfelt thank you to Ms. Shakuntala for spreading the joy of yoga!

MS Person Dimple honored with the IDPD Award 2023

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Exciting News! Dimple, our incredible Multiple Sclerosis warrior, has been honored with the IDPD Award 2023! Dimple’s journey with MS began in 2010, but she refuses to label it as an illness. Instead, she sees it as an incurable challenge, a divine test that has transformed her into a resilient and stronger individual.

Dimple’s leadership shines through as she was commended for her outstanding motivational qualities. Her interactions are marked by empathy, resilience, and a collaborative spirit, setting an inspiring example for everyone around her.

In the face of invisible challenges posed by MS, Dimple not only embraced her strengths but also became a beacon of hope for others. During the challenging times of COVID-19, she along with 38 other volunteers assisted more than 300 patients in Hyderabad, providing essentials like oxygen cylinders, concentrators, platelets, and blood.

Beyond her personal battle, Dimple connected with MS patients across Hyderabad, becoming a guiding light for those seeking support and understanding. As a committee member in the MSSI Hyderabad Chapter and the Youth Wing leader, she represents Hyderabad on a national level, contributing to projects like Outreach programs and Supportive Therapies for MS.

Dimple’s commitment to helping others remains unwavering. She believes in living each day with a smile, reminding us all that worrying won’t solve problems but a smile can light up our world! She says “Why worry and get wrinkles? Better Smile and get dimples”! Let’s celebrate Dimple’s well-deserved recognition and continue to be inspired by her resilience and compassion.

Face to Face Meeting

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The Hyderabad Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India came together for a heartwarming face-to-face meeting at Saptaparni Banjara Hills, Hyderabad on 17th September 2023.

Mrs. Meena Gupta, the Hyderabad Chapter Chairperson, set the tone with a warm welcome. Thereafter, laughter echoed as we played Tambola, fostering camaraderie among all. Excitement soared during the lucky dip, where Tambola tickets revealed surprise winners. After that, a spirited game of Pictionary got our minds buzzing with fun and intellectual challenges. Lastly, Mrs. Meena Gupta’s closing speech expressed appreciation and encouraged continued contributions. Our face-to-face meeting was a resounding success, bringing unity, fun, and intellectual engagement to our members. It was a day to cherish, highlighting achievements and recognizing our incredible members’ efforts. Let’s keep this positive momentum going!

MSSI at NIMS Hospital

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MSSI Hyderabad Chapter members joined NIMS Hospital, Hyderabad on 3 June 2023 on their campus for an interactive session by the Neurology Department.

Welcome & Introduction by Dr Reshma Sultana Sheikh, Neurologist

Chief Guest – Dr Bheerappa Nagar, Director NIMS

Our Hon. Chairperson Mrs Meena Gupta addressed the gathering and spoke about the Hyderabad Chapter’s role in the effective management of MS. She was felicitated by Dr Surya Prabha. The eminent doctors present addressed the gathering, each one throwing light on the effects of MS, its treatment and management. The panel discussion was followed by an interactive Q&A session.

The PwMS were given an opportunity to speak about themselves and shed light on the challenges they face and ask questions. It was a wonderful opportunity for the Hyderabad Chapter as they gained new members after the session!

The panel of doctors included:
Dr Y Sireesha, Neurologist
Dr Rashmin Gandhi, Neuro Ophthalmologist
Dr G Padmaja, Psychiatrist
Dr Dheeraj, Urologist
Dr Lakshmana Prasad Gadde, Physiotherapist

MSSI Hyderabad – World MS Day 2023 Awareness

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MSSI Hyderabad Chapter celebrated WMSD with a lot of enthusiasm and fervour at City Center Mall on 30 May. PwMS, caregivers, volunteers and guests had a great time at the event.

Dr Vikram Sharma, Chief Neurologist, Omega Hospital was the chief guest and spoke on Stress Management in MS. Children of PwMS performing well in academics and sports were felicitated with trophies and cash prizes.

Siddhardha the whistler accompanied by Srikant kept the audience enthralled by giving a wonderful performance. The programme ended by forming the MS heart and human chain.

Session on MS – A Positive Approach

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A talk was given on ‘MS – A Positive Approach’ by Dr Vikram Sharma, consultant Neurophysician, Omega Hospitals, Gachibowli. Some of the takeaways from his talk were that chest infections should be treated immediately, the power of exercise is the most important thing in life, and never to give up in life, 2/3rd of people with MS can walk. He suggested reading the book ‘The Secret’.