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Launch of Unbreakable Spirit on IMSD

By February 4, 2024April 4th, 2024Hyderabad
Image depicting MS awareness and support initiatives in India, including events, resources, and community outreach efforts.

A Milestone Celebration! MSSI, Hyderabad Chapter marked India MS Day on Feb 4 with the launch of “UNBREAKABLE SPIRIT” by Ms. Farida Raj, a Remedial Educator and Executive Committee Member. This groundbreaking book, the first-ever authored by a non-MS professional, aims to create awareness about MS and inspire resilience.

The book sheds light on the importance of timely diagnosis, treatment, and support for leading active and healthy lives. It stands as a beacon of hope, fostering understanding and building empathetic networks beyond the confines of the condition.

An insightful session led by Ms. Meena Gupta, Chairperson MSSI Hyderabad, Ms. Farida Raj, and Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Neurologist at Apollo Hospital, preceded the launch. Ms. Gupta highlighted the #InsureMyMS campaign, seeking support for MS patients in obtaining disability certificates effortlessly.

The event garnered significant media coverage from Sakshi, Eenadu, Namaste Telangana, Pioneer, Hindi Milap, Rahnuma e Deccan, and TV Channels like tv5news, hmtv, amplifying the awareness on MS. Watchout this space for media coverage tomorrow!

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