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Recent Events

Some of our recently concluded events across different chapters of India.


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MY MS DIAGNOSIS - NAVIGATING MS TOGETHER As per this year’s theme tagline “Navigating MS together”, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India is entering into collaboration with IIT Madras -…

World MS Day – Delhi

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MSSI Delhi celebrated World MS Day with a great aplomb on Sunday, May 12th at the accessible venue of Panchshila Club. Over 106 people attended the function and all of…

Mothers Day Celebrations

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The Indian Medical Association, Tamil Nadu Branch, invited MSSI, Chennai Chapter to a get-together at Coimbatore to observe Mother's Day on Sunday, the 12th of May 2024. The meeting was…


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Speaker: Dr.Vikram A, is a senior consultant in Metabolic Medicine at the University of Birmingham,UK. He is a fellow In the recent webinar led by Dr.Vikram A, the focus was…

Rebecaa – My MS Story

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This is not a tale of tragedy; it's a testament to resilience and perseverance. Life has dealt me many blows, but I've always found the strength to rise again. My…

Rajni Upadhay – My MS Story

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Rajni Upadhay - My MS Diagnosis At 43 years old, Rajni Upadhay's life took an unexpected turn when she lost both her parents during the COVID pandemic. Now residing in…

Anil Borkar – My MS Story

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At 55 years old, Anil Borkar reflects on his decades-long battle with MS, which began with a subtle symptom: a dragging foot at the age of 27. Initially misdiagnosed with…

Resma K R – My MS Story

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In 2016, I experienced my first symptom—a weakness in my right leg. Little did I know, it was just the beginning of a journey filled with uncertainty and misdiagnosis. At…

Fathima Suhra – My MS Story

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She experienced her first relapse shortly after giving birth to her first child. While on the way to her child's 10th-month vaccination, she suddenly found herself unable to walk on…

Mrs. Maheswari Narasimhan – My MS Story

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I'm often described by those closest to me as warm and bold, qualities I've cultivated through facing life's challenges with determination, grit, and courage. My career in garment exports spanned…

Devraj Krishnan – My MS Story

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Reflecting on the days that marked the onset of my battle with a mysterious ailment, I am transported to December 1998, a time when life took an unexpected turn. As…

Prosenjit Chakraborty – My MS Story

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Amid a challenging journey of being wheelchair-bound since May 2008 and afflicted with severe and aggressive MS since 2001, I encountered moments of profound emotion and unexpected discoveries. One such…