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Press Meet | WMSD 2022

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MSSI Chennai Chapter hosted a press meet on 30 May 2022 at the Chennai Press Club. Around 20 Tamil and English channels came for the meet. Dr. Bhuvaneshwari, an eminent neurologist from Kauvery Hospital gave an interview along with Mrs. Ann Gonsalvez, Hon. Secretary, Mr. Ashokan, Hon. Chairperson, and Ms. Smitha, Committee Member from MSSI about MS, risk factors, and the need for creating awareness, disability needs and much more.

Naam Porali (We are Warriors) | WMSD 2022

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MSSI Chennai Chapter observed World MS Day and launched the ‘Naam Porali’ program by Dr. K Venkaraman on 28 May 2022 with around 75 members and caretakers participating. ‘Naam Porali’ (We are Warriors) is a program for multiple sclerosis patients; where they will have access to, non-medical treatments in groups. For instance, fatigue exercises, psychotherapy for the brain etc., and all other methods to deal with MS on a day-to-day basis. We will begin the fatigue management program with six MS persons, starting gradually from Chennai and then moving on to other districts in Tamil Nadu. The launch ended on a humorous note with an entertaining performance by ‘Humour King’, Mr. Sekaran, President, Humour Club of Chennai.

Marina Beach made differently abled citizens friendly

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The Marina beach in Chennai was made accessible to differently abled citizens. From December 27 to January 2, On Tuesday (28.12.2021), Minister K N Nehru, Mr. Udhayanidhi Stalin MLA was joined by a number of other ministers, MPs, and MLAs in inaugurating the beach access. Our MSSI Chennai Chapter members participated and also stated that provisions for permanent accessibility to the beaches should be made. #chennai #marina #beach #differentlyabledcitizen #ramp

Musical Fest – Live Broadcast

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On 6th March 2021, MSSI Chennai Chapter organized a Musical Fest –Live Broadcast from the studio Pioneer Music gym with team “Aarohi”. Our one of the Advocacy program, to create awareness about Multiple Sclerosis among music lovers.

Aarohi is a band of singers bound together by a common passion for music and community service both raising awareness and Fundraising.

The theme of the Musical Fest/Day – Retro Bollywood & South Indian Musical hits.

The vocalist of the day – Mrs. Vidhya, Mrs, Priya, Mrs Renu, Mr, Bala and Mr, Suri etc,

This show was organized, in raising awareness about Multiple Sclerosis irrespective of Pandemic, online. MSSI Chennai Chapter, Hon. Chairperson – Mrs.Ann Gonsalvez gave a talk about Multiple Sclerosis and MSSI’s role and its functioning

“Sometimes Music is the only Medicine the heart and Soul needs” – In that way, all our MS friends and other participants enjoyed the show, and the necessary awareness was created. Total views were more than 648.                 


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On March 1st 2020, MSSI Chennai Chapter participated in the awareness programme – Racefor7 organized by ORDI – Organization for Rare Diseases India.

ORDI ( non-profit )  is a national umbrella organization representing the collective voice of all patients with rare diseases in India. Racefor7 symbolically represents the 7000 rare diseases in the world with 7000 people running for 7000 meters.

Mrs. Ann Gonsalvez, Hon. Chairperson addressed the crowd by explaining about Multiple Sclerosis.

The theme for this year was – “I Care for Rare”.

The Chief Guest of the day was the Disability Commissioner – Mr. Johny Tom Varghese.

As MS is one the rare disease, our MS persons along with their caregivers, volunteers & students walked/ran showing our solidarity to support the rare disease group.

The participants were happy that they ran/ walked for the cause of creating awareness.


Brain Lab Group Therapy Session

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MSSI Chennai Chapter 1st group therapy session in the Brain Lab was held” on 29/2/2020. An expected event, fortunately, falls on the unexpected day “Brain Lab Group therapy  – 1st session” on 29th February –  the leap day.

Let’s Break the Stigma – Give importance to Mental Health as same as Physical Health.

The session started with the welcome address given by Mrs. Ann Gonsalvez, The Hon. Chairperson of MSSI Chennai Chapter.

The group therapy session was handled by the Resource person, Dr. Ravi Samuel and his two trainees, Mrs. Kavya and Mrs. Gayathri.

Dr. Ravi Samuel one of the Chennai’s eminent psychotherapist’s, who has over 20 years’ experience in treating people with emotional, behavioural, psychological, psychiatric problems, corporate mental health, etc. He has had professional training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy by Mr. Allan Davidson, Cognitive Behavior Therapist at Dept. of Clinical Neurology, Institute of Neurology and National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London.

He started the session by giving a brief introduction about, How MS affects the Brain.

  • Cognition gets affected for the MS Person i.e., Memory, Concentration and Attention.
  • Thinking- Thought process gets affected MS Person starts to connect everything in an emotional way.
  • MS Person’s lacks of Executive function ie. Information processing and decision making.

Therefore, brain lab will focus on – Brain function, Executive function and Thinking.

The assessment was done to the patients and caregivers to know their level of brain functioning, with several exercises both lingual and written.

The session came to a happy ending by having a delicious Lunch.

India MS Day – Family Outing

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Chennai Chapter to highlight India MS Day 2020 organised a family Picnic to one of the Beach Resorts that is Joe’s Beach Resort, situated along the coast, of the Bay of Bengal.

More than 100 MS persons, their caregivers and children after a breezy bus ride descended on the beach resort, to enjoy a sumptuous lunch, followed by games of Antakshri, Dumb Charades and Bingo. The laughter, the mimicry and acting were so contagious that 3 hours passed by. A very quick dip in the waves was a must for all, and a good hour was passed enjoying the water and lilting of the waves.

A treat of hot tea, vadas and Birthday cake brought the evening to a close and as the sun was setting, the families boarded the buses and headed homewards. It was indeed a very memorable “India MS Day 2020”

Neuro Update 2020

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The “Madras Neuro Trust” organises the “Neuro Update” annually as a continuing educational programme for the practising neurologists and exposing the neurology residents to recent clinical research works being done all over the world. The Chennai Chapter of MSSI is invited for a special session.

This year, Neuro Update 2020 was held on 11/01/2020. Dr Velmurugendran, Secretary, Neuro Update, Chennai, welcomed the gathering. MSSI Chennai Chairperson, Mrs Ann Gonsalvez welcomed the guest speakers and a shawl was presented to each of them by an MS person. A one-hour session for MS persons was chaired by :

Prof. David Zee, M.D, Professor of Neurology, John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA. He addressed our MS persons on eye disorder in MS. One of the major vision problems that he focused on is called Nystagmus – the jumping of eyes ( up and down) or changing direction – left to right and its treatment.

Prof. Sarosh Irani, BMBCH MS (Oxon) D Phil FRCP FEAN, Head, Oxford Autoimmune Neurology Group, Associate Professor, University of Oxford, Welcome intermediate clinical fellow, Honorary Consultant Neurology, UK, updated us with latest on NeuroImmunology. He said drugs available to fight or calm down the immune system is being researched on a big scale and he is hopeful it will come into the market in the near future at an affordable cost.

It was a highly interactive session. The MS patients and their caregivers gained more knowledge and felt more educated after attending the session.

Face to Face Programme

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MSSI – Chennai Chapter’s monthly meeting “Face to Face” Programme was a Christmas Celebration on 22.12.2019. It started with a welcome address given by the Hon. Chairperson Mrs. Ann Gonsalvez and then it was handed over to BNY Mellon volunteers.  Mr. Joseph the BNY Volunteer organized a magic show and he introduced the magician to the audience. The Magic Show was for 40 minutes and everyone was entertained by the tricks. The entry of Santa Claus, was welcomed by one and all. Santa distributed gifts to our MSP’s Children and sweets to everyone. Then, BNY Volunteers conducted 3 games, ‘Connection Game’, ‘Jumbled Movie Name’ and ‘Chinese Whisper’. MS Person’s and their caregiver enjoyed the games thoroughly.

After that, a delicious lunch was served for one and all, which was enjoyed thoroughly. A birthday cake was cut by those who celebrated their birthday this month. They are–Ms.Anitha, Mrs.UmaMageshwari and Mr.Rajesh, by singing of happy birthday song by everyone.

The day came to a happy ending by giving gifts to our MS Person and Caregivers.


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International Day of Persons with Disability was observed on the 3rd of December 2019. The theme for this year was “The Future is accessible.”

Marina beach is one of the longest beaches in Chennai city. The Greater Chennai Corporation in observing the International Day of Person with Disabilities based on the theme “The Future is accessible”. They organized an ‘accessible walkway’ in Marina Beach for the disabled people to Experience the roaring waves of the Bay of Bengal.

The event was inaugurated by the Greater Chennai Corporation Commissioner, Mr.G.Prakash and State Disability Commissioner Mr. Johny Tom Varghese. ‘3 Specialized Wheel Chairs’ were provided by Greater Chennai Corporation to take a ride along the sands and reach the seashore safely and conveniently.

Disabled people came from different organizations and MSSI to experience the seawater. Chennai Chapter team took part in this initiative and a few of the MS Persons accessed the walkway through the beach wheelchair and enjoyed a few moments in the seawater. A dip in the seawater was the joy for many differently-abled persons.