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Symposium on MS – Pune

By May 10, 2018June 18th, 2018Pune

On 10th May 2018, MSSI Pune  Chapter organised a meeting of doctors belonging to the Hadapsar Medical Association  to create awareness about Multiple Sclerosis among  general practioners and  bring them closer to MS persons. This is in keeping with the WMSD 2018 theme #bringing us closer.

The symposium started at 8.00 am and went on to 9.30 am.  Total attendance was about 65 people including MSSI office bearers and staff and four student volunteers.

Dr.  Shripad Pujari, a well-known neurophysician  and  President, Hadapsar Medical Association presided over the meeting along with Mr. J.P. Banerjee, Chairperson MSSI Pune.

The meeting commenced with Mr. Banerjee  speaking about MSSI, it’s aims and aspirations and its role in improving quality of Life of MSPs.

Dr. Nilesh Palasdeokar , eminent neurologist and our invited guest for the occasion, gave an extremely easy to understand power point presentation about MS. This gave the audience an easy to grasp understanding of MS.  The symposium was then thrown open to the audience for a question answer session.  Several doctors raised  pertinent questions which were cleared by Dr. Nilesh.

We then distributed brochures to the doctors. One side of the brochure carried a copyrighted article about MS by Dr. Rajas Deshpande, Head of Neurology Dept, Ruby Hall Clinic, which he had kindly given us permission to use.

The symposium was followed by breakfast

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