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MSSI Kolkata – Our Talkathon

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As evening descended on Saturday, 3rd of June 2023, the suave auditorium on the 9th floor of Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata (INK) was decked up for the gala event of MSSI, Kolkata – “Our Talkathon”, a series of talks by the highly respected team of doctors and medical technicians of INK followed with an interactive Q&A session between them and our PwMS and their caregivers.

The event was inaugurated by the founder Chairman of INK – Prof. Dr. R P Sengupta, The special guest for the evening was popular musician and singer – Sidhu (Dr. Siddhartha Roy) who also happened to be a medical college alumnus of Dr. Sengupta. Together, they shared some light moments on stage and Sidhu also sang his popular song “Bhalo thakar gaan” which he had composed, performed and recorded for all the MS friends, a few years back.

Also present for the evening were popular film actress Ms. Ananya Basu and upcoming film Director Shri Shibesh Motilal. Then, the most important and much awaited “doctors speak” started with Senior Consultant – Neurology – Dr. Ashis Datta starting off the program with “Hoping for a relapse-free life”.

Prominent speakers in the series were Prof. Dr Bibhukalyani Das (Pain& Palliative care), Dr. Rashmi Saraff (Ophthalmology), Dr. Suparna Gangapadhyay (Neuro rehab), Dr. Praveen Kumar (Psychiatry), Ms. Minakshi Majumder (Diet & nutrition), Dr Santosh Trivedi (Recent drug trials in MS).

The entire event was hosted effortlessly by the Hon. Joint Secretary of MSSI, Kolkata – Shri Anirban Banerjee along with MSSI Kolkata team.

It was a very successful event where all present were “winners” and was well covered by different media houses, radio and TV channels like Aajkal, Dainik Viswamitra, All India Radio, News 18 Bangla, TV 9 , News Kalinga etc.

World MS Day – MSSI Kolkata

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The Bangur Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata, along with members of Multiple Sclerosis of India, Kolkata chapter, conducted a very significant and informative seminar on May 31, 2023, on the occasion of World Multiple Sclerosis Day. (WMSD). At this seminar, which was attended by over 100 PwMS and their caregivers, a number of topics relating to specific MS cases were also covered in depth. Dr. Gautam Ganguli, their former leader, also attended the event.

Dr. Swati Kumar, a member of the BIN-K team, began by extending a warm welcome to everyone in attendance. She then expertly managed the entire event, allowing the doctors to simultaneously discuss the history of MS, common symptoms, current trends in treating & handling MS, and the facilities provided by BIN-K. The Hon. Secretary of MSSI in Kolkata, Ms. Anuradha Goswami, later joined them and stressed the importance of having patience and mental toughness for both the MS patient and the carer in order to manage and combat this debilitating and incurable condition. Mr. Anirban Banerjee, Joint Secretary echoed her sentiments and emphasised that each incidence of the disease is distinct and individual and that its symptoms cannot be generalised.

Members of the MSSI Kolkata Executive Committee, including Mr. Tarun Saha, Mr. Rakesh Sain, and Hon. Vice Chairperson Mrs. Swapna Ghosh, was also present. To raise as much awareness as possible about MS, bilingual leaflets and booklets were provided to everyone in attendance. The occasion was wrapped up with a vote of gratitude from BIN-K’s Dr. Gautam Ganguly and Dr. Biman Kanti Roy.

India MS Day Celebrations Kolkata

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On 5 February 2023, the Kolkata Chapter celebrated India MS Day with a ceremonial walk and some stellar performances by PwMS.

Stay Healthy and Fit for 2020

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A Brief Report on Medical Camp of MSSI Kolkata

MSSSI Kolkata arranged a free medical check-up camp for MS friends which came to a great success we are glad to present a brief report on that event.

Date: 22nd December 2019
Place: JMD Diagnostics, P-336, C I T Road, Scheme IV M , Kolkata- 700 054
Time: 10 AM to 3 PM

Doctors who made the event a difference
Dr.AmbarChakraborty (neuro physician)
Dr.Angshuman Mukherjee (neuro physician)
Dr.AshisDatta (neuro physician)
Dr.HimadriPathak (urologist)
Dr.NilanjanaBist (ophthalmologist)
Dr.RajibBiswas (Physiotherapist)

Prime sponsor: MSN Laboratories
Logistic support: JMD Diagnostics
In spite of an extremely chilled winter morning, the camp started on time. JMD Diagnostics was ready with fully equipped, disinfected chambers with all necessary requisites needed for patients check-up. JMD staffs were always there to pay kind attention for the comfort of MS friends. JMD also provided wheelchairs as and when required. A light refreshment was arranged by JMD authority to energise the participants.

Doctors examined the patients, discussed and advised on their problems, prescribed for required clinical examination and medicine. All clinical tests including MRI Scan were done free of cost for all MSPs. MS friends and their caregivers were contented to get the opportunity for having a free medical check-up on different problems under one roof.

Mementoes were gifted to the doctors on behalf of MSSI Kolkata as token of appreciation. The sumptuous lunch box was provided to all participants. Conveyance expenses were reimbursed to MSPs.

MSSI Kolkata is extremely grateful to Dr.AmbarChakraborty under whose leadership the event took a great shape. We are also grateful to other doctors who gave their precious time on a Sunday morning for us. We are thankful to JMD Authority and MSN Laboratories for their support to the benefit of MS friends.

The Unseen 2019

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The modern seminar hall, on the 9th floor of IN-K, Park Circus was the venue for the WMSD Event. The topic for the event was “The Unseen 2019” in line with the global theme of this year’s World MS Day – “My invisible MS”.

Mr. Anirban Banerjee, Hon.  Joint Secretary of MSSI, Kolkata and Hon. Member of National GC, MSSI welcomed the audience present. Ms. Anuradha Goswami, the Hon. Secretary of MSSI, Kolkata, in her short speech was extremely precise in highlighting the challenges faced and fought by all MS friends and their caregivers.

Ms. Swapna Ghosh, Hon. Vice Chairperson, MSSI invited on stage, the Chief Guest for the evening – Dr. and Prof. Bibhukalyani Das, the Academic Director of IN-K, who was extremely kind to emphasize on the challenges of handling and managing MS and assured MSSI of all possible support and cooperation from IN-K in their fight to conquer MS. The star attraction for the evening was a popular singer and musician – Siddhartha Ray (Sidhu) enthralled the present gathering with some of his hit songs and then with the song he had written, composed and sung last year on WMSD – “Bhalo thakar Gaan”  which was also recently recorded along with chorus vocals by few of MSSI, Kolkata members. The formal audio launch of this song was done by Dr. and Prof. Bibhukalyani Das, the Academic Director of IN-K, with huge applause from one and all and the song is already available on various audio platforms.

The rest of the evening was followed by a series of talks and interactive discussion by the expert staff of IN-K:-

  • Visualisation of invisible MS by Dr. Ashis Datta, Consultant Neurologist, IN-K.
  • Functional Rehab for MS by Mr. Rakesh Mahapatra, Occupational Therapist, IN-K.
  • Invisible symptoms of MS by Dr. Anirban Ghoshal, Consultant Neurologist, IN-K
  • Physiotherapy in MS by Mr. Dawa Lepcha, Physiotherapist, IN-K.

The event was attended by more than a dozen members of the local press and media and some 70 odd MS Friends and their caregivers. Leading TV channels (ABP Ananda, Jiyo Bangla, Sadhna News), radio (AIR) & local dailies (Ei Somoy, Sangbad Pratidin) covered the event.

World MS Day 2017 – Kolkata

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Inaugural speech by Mr. Anirban Banerjee, Hony. Joint Secretary, Kolkata Chapter.

Welcome speech delivered by Mr. Anand Chopra, Hony Chairman, Kolkata Chapter.

Guest of honour speech delivered by Mr. Viresh Oberoi, National Chairman, MSSI.

Mr. Viresh Oberoi handed over cheque of Rs.15,000/- to our MS friend Rajni Roy towards partial financial support to purchase laptop.

We celebrated World MS Day with great enthusiasm.

On this day, our MS friends presented their talent, like Mitrajyoti  Kushari shown his talent with guitar and songs, Preeti Bery  with her synthesizer and Anirban Banerjee with his impromptu songs  and seamless anchoring of the entire event!

During the event, volunteers of MSSI, Kolkata distributed hundreds of bilingual brochures to all the audiences and the crowd present in Mani Square mall. The mall was anyway beautifully decorated with posters and banners of MSSI at several strategic locations.

Renowned national award winning singer Rupankar was invited to the stage. He came and sang some of his all popular  and hit songs through which the audience was amazed. His songs also created lot of attraction in common visitors in the mall. The most attractive part of this session was a song composed by Rupankar especially on the theme of MS and MSP – “Sanket aasche na, sanket chai pete” which drew great energy within the audience. Human chain also was created by the MSPs and volunteers during the song. Throughout his performance, he spoke at length on MS, MS friends and the noble work being performed by MSSI, Kolkata.

This time we received lot of media coverage through print, online and social media. ABP Ananda, Millenium Post, Dainik Statesman, Ei Samay, Sangbad Pratidin, All India Radio  to name a few.

Light refreshment was served to all.

Our special thanks to our venue partner Mani Square Mall, event partner Caring Minds (Patton initiative), Anmol Industries for their financial support to make the event successful. Also our thanks to The Dreamers for arranging media coverage.

The event was a great success and all the participants and audience enjoyed a lot.

The programme ended at 8.45P.M. with a vote of thanks by. Ms. Anuradha Goswami, Hony. Secretary

World MS Day 2017 – Kolkata

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31 May,2017, Kolkata: It was the World Multiple Sclerosis Day observed by the World Multiple Sclerosis Society Of India, Kolkata Chapter at  Mani Square Mall, today. The event was graced by a gala performance by the eminent singer  Rupankar who scored a new song “ Sanket Aschhena,Sanket Chai Pete” for the affected people to get more awareness regarding the disease. He performed the song along with affected people. He said, “ I even was not aware of this disease. Whenever I came to know about it I thought I must support the cause through my music. As I got a request to compose a new song for creating awareness I wrote it, composed tune within two days.” Interestingly he fulfilled wish of songs requested by the affected people one after other as Belasheshe, Aaj Shraboner, Tabu Tumi JAdi Aste Chao, followed by Tagore songs like Khelaghar Bandhte Legechhi and so on.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a serious neurological disorder diagnosed mainly in young adults. MS is a disorder of the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS consists of the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI) is a registered voluntary, non-profit organization.. MSSI works for the welfare of persons affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

The Society is a member of the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) based in London, UK. MSSI works in co-operation with 48 other member countries of MSIF, thereby working in collaborating with similar organization all over the world. Multiple Sclerosis Society of India was established on July 26, 1985 and is a support group managed by the MSPs (MS Persons) for the MSPs.

The Kolkata Chapter of MSSI was established on 23 July, 1990with the initiative of Mr.Tobaccowala, the then chairman of Voltas Ltd, along with Mrs. Sheila Chitnis and Mrs. R.S. Fazalbhoy, an eminent social worker. The Chapter was registered on 16 September, 1992. Mr.RusiGimi was our first Chairman and Mrs.ZarinGimi, his wife was our chief patron. Our 20 years of existence is crowded with many events. Now we are dealing with 200 MS patients in Kolkata and adjacent areas who are registered with MSSI, Kolkata. But the actual numbers are assumed to be far more.

Anuradha Goswami, Hony Secretary, MSSI, Kolkata Chapter said, “ It was initiated to make people aware of the disease. As many people come and join hand in hand to spread the awareness it will be helpful for our society.”