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Free Annual Medical Camp at Ruby Hall Clinic

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We are delighted to share the heartening success of our Free Annual Medical Camp held at Ruby Hall Clinic after Covid-19 pandemic.

Our MSSI Pune chapter provided much-needed medical assistance to our registered MS individuals whose turnout was 41. Along with them, the camp was attended by caregivers, BNY Volunteers, MSSI staff, committee members, doctors, and their assistants from various specialities such as Neurology, Gynaecology, General medicine, and Physiotherapy.

The camp saw a turnout not only from Pune but also from far-flung areas like Beed, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Sangali, and Nagpur. Even our bedridden MS persons who were keen to attend the camp were brought in by ambulance.

As the day closed to an end, all the prescribed medicines were made available free of cost by MSSI, along with to-and-fro travel charges for attending the camp, thus ensuring that individuals received necessary care without bearing any financial burden on themselves.

To express our gratitude for the success of the medical camp, we presented mementoes to the attending doctors for their dedication and efforts. A heartfelt shoutout to the young and enthusiastic BNY volunteers, who won the admiration of both doctors and MS individuals with their remarkable support and assistance.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to this event’s success. Let’s continue supporting each other as we journey towards a healthier and more caring future. Together, we can overcome any challenges that come our way!

Thanksgiving Event for Caregivers

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The Pune Chapter organised a ‘Thanksgiving event for Caregivers’ on 25 March 2023 at the Ritz Hotel, Sadhu Vaswani Chowk, Pune. 95 people attended the event including, 40 volunteers, PwMS, 44 caregivers and staff & committee members. The event was abuzz with activities like singing, dancing, games, comedy and storytelling by volunteers and members alike. A brief talk on the importance of volunteering encouraged BNY employees to motivate more people from their organisation.

Volunteers presented a rose and a small box of chocolates to caregivers. As a token of appreciation, the caregivers presented some brochures on MSSI and MS with Thank You cards to the volunteers.

Diaper Distribution Event

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The Pune Chapter held a Diaper Distribution event on 11 March 2023 at their office. The chapter utilized BNY Mellon funds earmarked for adult diapers. The event began with a brief introduction about MSSI and its activities. Mohna Paranjpe, PwMS spoke about her journey with MS. Post the speeches, wrapped packets of diapers were handed over by BNY volunteers to the members of MSSI. The diapers were presented to MSSI and not directly to PwMS to avoid discomfort.

An icebreaker session was also conducted where members and volunteers planted saplings in earthen pots. The chapter will nurture these plants. The very enthusiastic volunteers also got involved in wrapping around 50 prizes and gifts for our next event. They took it upon themselves as a part of the volunteering efforts. It was a great event and a wonderful way to introduce new employees from BNY Mellon to volunteering.

Breakfast Talk on Multiple Sclerosis

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Extentia Information Technology, Pune, as a part of their Breakfast Talk series, organised an awareness session on Invisible Multiple Sclerosis with Anjali Vyas, PwMS MSSI Pune Chapter on 9 February 2023. About 80 people both online & offline attended this session.

Anjali shared her experience of living with MS and presented information on symptoms, statistics, challenges & the impact of MS on the Employment of PwMS. She also shared the findings of the survey by MSIF & the baseline study she conducted during her fellowship on factors affecting the employment of PwMS. During her presentation she also asked questions, busting the myths around MS which made the entire session very interactive. She concluded her talk by sharing examples of Reasonable Accommodation for PwMS at the workplace. The attendees found the talk very insightful & interesting.

Annual Picnic – MSSI Pune

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The eagerly awaited Annual Picnic of Pune Chapter was held on 19 November 2022 at Memane Farm on the outskirts of Pune, after a lapse of two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. BNY Mellon Volunteers assisted all PwMS on arrival to the farm. Everybody enjoyed the three-course breakfast and played some rounds of Tambola. This was followed by an in-house magic show which immensely pleased the crowd. Post the magic show a sumptuous lunch was served. After lunch, everyone assembled to play a game called ‘Tol Mol Ke Bol’, where participants had to judge the approximate weight and prize of the grocery item shown by the anchor. The game was followed by music and dance. DJ music made the atmosphere very joyful and energetic. A PwMS with difficulty in normal movements also did a solo dance to the music and won a round of applause from the crowd. Several children of PwMS danced, jumped onto the stage and displayed their antics to the music. The group then broke to engage in the other attractions of Memane farm such as Mehendi, temporary tattoo, fortune telling, horse riding, bullock cart ride, etc. The crowd then reassembled and moved to the location of the ‘Hurda Party’, considered one of the good attractions. People were served with tender roasted ‘Jawar’ along with many other items such as fresh boiled corn on the cob, boiled tender green chickpeas, groundnuts, etc. The whole event was well supported by BNY Mellon volunteers and highly appreciated by MSSI. It was an enjoyable and successful day with fantastic feedback from PwMS.



Physiotherapy Camp

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The annual physiotherapy camp of the Pune Chapter was held on 16 October 2022 at Jayantrao and Indutai Tilak College of Physiotherapy, Gultekdi, Pune. BNY Mellon employees volunteered for the camp and assisted PwMS. About 100 people including PwMS, caregivers, volunteers and physiotherapy students attended the camp. Dr. Rasika, Professor of Physiotherapy at the college introduced Dr. Bhalerao, Neuro Physiotherapist and Asha Merchant, Hon. Secretary. Asha Merchant spoke briefly about the Pune highlighting the activities and services MSSI provides to persons with MS. Dr. Bhalerao talked about MS and cleared some myths. According to him, every problem has a solution and he totally changed the perspective of MS persons about MS. Prof. Rasika concluded the programme with a vote of thanks and presentation of a token gift to Dr. Bhalerao. After the talk, PwMS were helped by college students with various exercises performed with the help of therapy equipment. They emphasised the importance and benefits of physiotherapy and how important is its role in MS. Dr. Bhalerao made a surprise announcement to offer free physiotherapy treatment of any kind to all PwMS who are registered with MSSI Pune Chapter.

India MS Day 2020 – Pune

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The month of February ushers in spring in India and what better time could there be to observe India MS Day and so the first Sunday of February every year is celebrated as the India MS Day.

MSSI PUNE Chapter with Indian Medical Association (IMA) Pune organised a Walkathon of about 2 kms at Tilak Road. The Walkathon with IMA was worked upon by MSSI IMSD Representative (National) Mrs. Jyoti Ronghe and Ms. Gayatri Joshi.

President of IMA Pune, Dr. Sanjay Patil, Ex-President, Dr. Padma Iyer , Secretary IMA Pune, Dr. Variyani, MSSI committee members, few volunteers, 3 MS Persons, around 10 IMA doctors were there for the Walkathon. Everybody gathered at the IMA House at 7.30 am and registered themselves. The participants wore Bibs and caps with IMSD theme # know Mltiple Sclerosis.

The walk started at 8 am and Dr. Sanjay Patil & Dr.Variyani addressed the gathering.  The attendees held placards of MSSI throughout the walk for about an hour.

Reshma Valliapan, a renowned activist who runs an organisation called the Red Door also supported us in the Walkathon.  She discussed the various disabilities of MS Persons with our committee members.

After walking for 2 kms, everybody gathered back at the IMA House at 9.30 am. There was breakfast arranged by IMA Pune for all the participants.  Everyone enjoyed the delicious meal and disbursed thereafter around 10.30 am.

MSSI Pune is thankful to the wonderful team of IMA who supported us heartedly.

Picnic to Empress Garden

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A picnic was organised at Empress Garden on Sunday 17th November 2019. Around 74 people consisting of MSPs, their caregivers, dependent children of MSPs, Committee members, Staff members, invitees and BNY Mellon volunteers attended the picnic.

MSPs who were not in a position to travel to the picnic spot on their own were picked up and dropped back home by BNY volunteers.

Volunteers from BNY Mellon arrived at the picnic spot right on time, 9.30 am and helped MS Persons reached Nana Nani Park. The volunteer was available throughout the picnic duration and helped our MS Persons in many ways.

Our founder chairperson Mrs Mini Grant’s friend Mr Suresh Pingale, a member of Garden Committee in Pune allotted us Nana Nani Park and sponsored delicious breakfast for participants.

Breakfast was served at about 10.30 am. Volunteers helped in serving the breakfast. This was followed by a diverse range of activities which included singing performances by MSPs and interested picnickers, Antakshari, Housie game and other unique games. Prizes were also given to the winners.

17th November, being a birth anniversary of Late Dady C. Dady who is one of our major donors, a Cake cutting ceremony was organised. Mrs Mini Grant kindly accepted the request of all the members to perform the cake cutting ceremony.

Lunch was served at 1.30 pm. Participants, especially MSPs while having lunch interacted with each other. They shared their views, concerns with one another and were very happy to be in the group once again. They all really enjoyed this outing which gave them an opportunity to go away from home, meet old acquaintances, and get engaged in non-routine activities.MSPs and their caregivers thoroughly enjoyed this fun-filled picnic. The picnic concluded at 4.00 pm.

Pune Marathon

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Ms. Gayatri Joshi, Mrs. Jyoti Ronghe and Mr. Laxman Iyer (Committee Member, Pune Chapter) attended 24 hrs relay Marathon at Magarpatta City on 5th October 2019, organized by Running Punters.

The Marathon started at 7.00 hrs. And concluded on 6th October 2019 at 7.00 hrs. Ms.Gayatri Joshi participated in the Marathon with MSSI bib and completed run of 700 metres. Ms.Gayatri was live on Facebook Page of Running Punters where she mentioned that she is running for spreading awareness and fund raising. Ms. Gayatri was felicitated by Running Punters team with a special mention at the felicitation ceremony on 6th October 2019.

Mrs. Ronghe shared information about MS and MSSI with participants and viewers. She also distributed brochures and souvenirs among them. Mr. Laxman Iyer also shared word with viewers about MSSI and MS. Both of them did appeal for donations to participants and viewers.

Running Punters have shared MSSI link for donation which is mentioned on MSSI website. They have taken up this as a long term project to support the cause.

Awareness Event at SGS Mall

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MSSI Pune had organised an awareness event at SGS Mall, Pune to mark the World MS Day, on Saturday 25th May 2019 between 5.00 pm and 7.00 pm.

At the outset, our Hon. Secretary Mrs Asha welcomed all present and thanked everyone for participating in Event. Then she invited Mrs Mini Grant, Founder Chairperson to brief the audience on MSSI and their activities.

The audience included MSPs, caregivers, volunteers, donors, committee members, staff members and Mall visitors. In all about 55 people were present at the event besides Mall visitors.

Mrs Mini Grant spoke about MSSI activities and the help MSSI provides to MS Persons: medicines, physiotherapy, counselling etc.

Anurag Monks, Professional Musicians presented beautiful old and new Bollywood songs. The audience was enthralled by their band and performance.

MS person Mr. Karan Jagwani who used to be a football player shared his views on MS. Though he gave up playing, never lost his courage and took medicines etc as per Doctors advice. The message he conveyed to MSPs was that one should not lose hope but fight MS courageously, and that’s what helped him remain fit. His talk was very motivational and was appreciated by the audience and MSPs.

MSSI Brochures were distributed to Mall visitors. Many of Mall visitors inquired about the MS. This event really helped us in creating awareness of MS.

Committee members felicitated MS Persons by handing over the gift.

Mrs. Asha Merchant proposed a vote of thanks.  She thanked committee members, MSPs, caregivers and staff members for their participation. She also expressed gratitude to SGS Mall for allowing us to utilise their premises for this event. The event ended at 7.30 pm.