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Diwali Music Fest

By October 29, 2022May 6th, 2023Chennai

The best way to spread the Spirit of Diwali is through music. MSSI Chennai held a Music Fest, ‘Sing Loud for All to Hear’ on 29 October 2022. The program started with Mr Stanley & his band, and later singers Miss Thanishka, Miss Thitiksha and Miss Jyothikalai joined in and gave us the best of their singing talent. It was a soulful music fest for all members. The month of October is usually observed by the chapter as the month of Caregiver. Caregiver Awards were given to three categories (Father, Sister & Wife) and certificates were distributed to the members who had completed the ‘Fatigue Management Program’. 50 members and caretakers participated in the program. Birthday celebrations of our members were also held, followed by high tea. In the end, a box of sweets was given to all the members as a takeaway gift.

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