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Annual Picnic – MSSI Hyderabad

By December 25, 2022January 12th, 2023Hyderabad

The Hyderabad Chapter organised a picnic on 25 December 2022 at Shilaparamam, Hyderabad. It is a beautiful place and every year artisans from all over the country participate in the All India Crafts Mela held between 15th-31st December. They exhibit textiles and artefacts famous from their respective states. The place has been developed beautifully over the years and is a feast to the eyes. 75 PwMS and their caregivers attended the picnic. The USP of the picnic was that not only did PwMS from Hyderabad participated but many came from different parts of Telangana as well. A game of Tambola was organised and prizes for the same were distributed in various categories. Delicious snacks and lunch were served which everyone enjoyed. It was a good bonding time for everyone as they chatted and exchanged pleasantries. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the air as it was Christmas day. After lunch, many indulged in shopping and had a great time with their respective families and friends.

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