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July 2023

Neuro Physiotherapy

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We were honoured to have Professor (Dr.) Jasmine Anandabai, Ph.D., MPT (Neurology), Dean & Principal of Subharti University, and Dr. Harpreet Singh, MPT (Neurology), an accomplished Neuro Physiotherapy Trainer from AIIMS, New Delhi, leading the event.

The training covered an extensive range of topics:

Dr. Jasmine shed light on etiquettes of physiotherapy, dress code, hygiene, innovative exercise variations, comfort touch, physiotherapy during menstrual cycles, and periodical assessment techniques.

Dr. Harpreet’s segment on customized and powerful MS Gait Training was a game-changer. Our physiotherapists learnt how to further support PwMS using these techniques.

We witnessed a fantastic turnout with 45 attendees at the venue, The Muse, Sarovar Portico, Delhi on 16th July 2023. The three and half hours incredible training program provided valuable insights and skills to all participants which included 20 senior Physiotherapists, 10 PwMS, along with their caregivers, MSSI Delhi members and panel advocates.

MSSI is immensely grateful to Prof. (Dr.) Jasmine Anandabai and Dr. Harpreet Singh for their invaluable contributions!

Image depicting a diverse and supportive community of individuals affected by multiple sclerosis (MS), coming together for mutual support, education, and empowerment.

Support services to people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis

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On 12th July evening, Neurologists & President of Nagpur Neuro Society, Dr Sanjay Ramteke invited Mrs Sheela Chitins to speak on “Support services to people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis” at their Monthly Meeting of Neurologists. It was an honor to meet Nagpur’s Eminent Neurologists; a few amongst them were: Dr. Sanjay Ramteke, Dr. Chandrashekhar Meshram, Dr Shyam Babhulkar, Dr. Dinesh Kabra, Dr. Nitin Chandak, Dr. Dhruv Batra, Dr.Sandeep Iratwar & others.

During the session, Mrs. Chitnis spoke passionately about the inception of MSSI and emphasized the importance of Support Groups in aiding patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. A comprehensive presentation on the services offered by MSSI was also shared. In total, 35 Neurologists participated in the session.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Nagpur Neuro Society for their kind hospitality and for providing us with this remarkable opportunity to raise MS awareness among the medical fraternity.

Together, with the support of the medical community and like-minded individuals, we continue to forge ahead in our mission to empower and uplift those affected by MS.

Illustration representing advocacy efforts for individuals living with multiple sclerosis (MS), including awareness campaigns, policy initiatives, and community support.

Impact of Lifestyle Factors on MS

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MSSI Chennai Chapter organized a “Face to Face Meeting” on July 1st, 2023, and it was an incredible success! The event focused on exploring the “Impact of Lifestyle Factors on MS”, presented by esteemed Nutritionist Ms. Hasna Arshia M.Sc., M.Phil., CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator), NET, SRF, (Ph.D.) Clinical nutrition, Award-winning Dietitian, Autoimmune diseases expert, specialized in endocrine diseases and infertility management, and Gut health nutritionist. What makes Ms. Hasna Arshia’s perspective, even more insightful, is that she herself is an MS Person.

It was thrilling to witness an enthusiastic participation of around 60 MS members and Caregivers, who actively engaged in the session. The meeting featured a dynamic and interactive discussion between Dr. Venkatraman, a Neurologist and specialist in MS, and Ms. Hasna Arshia, where they explored the advantages and disadvantages of adopting a healthy diet versus relying solely on medication.
As a delightful conclusion to the gathering, the birthdays of members were celebrated.