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India MS Day 2019

By February 3, 2019February 12th, 2019General

India Multiple Sclerosis Day is a pan India event observed on the first Sunday of February every year. This event is aimed at generating awareness about MS in the society and this is attained by involving MS patients, Caregivers and other Stakeholders from all walks of life. Further, the idea is to gather media awareness as a means to reach out to the masses. When it comes to MS, early detection is imperative to slow down the disease. Thus creating awareness about the signs and symptoms of this disease goes a long way in assuring treatment and effectiveness of precautionary measures, which will contribute to better health conditions of those diagnosed

Initiated in 2016, the purpose of observing ‘India MS Day’, in addition to World MS Day, was to celebrate the occasion at a time of the year that was favourable to Indian MS persons. Given that the essence of observing such occasions is to reach out to hundreds and thousands of people around the country and spread awareness about the challenges of living with MS in an Indian context. Thus, events and campaigns that focus on this issue are observed across all eight chapters in the country.

There is an interesting connection between Bikers and Persons with MS (PwMS)

When one rides a motorcycle everything has to be in tune with each other, acceleration, suspension, alignment, balance and brake then only you can have a smooth ride…

For a second just imagine this…

You are on a bike going on a scenic road going to your favourite destination and suddenly the engine stops working…

What do you think will happen… A Breakdown

This is the exactly what happens to a Person when diagnosed with MS because the Central Nervous system (machine of your body) stops working causing a the Breakdown….

But what is the one thing that Riders and Person with MS have in common situation? They fix the problem, make the best of what they have and carry on with life.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” Helen Keller

Here are a few videos on the events which took place on IMSD across the country

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