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Empowering Inclusivity

By September 29, 2023April 4th, 2024Chennai

Empowering Inclusivity: U.S. Consulate & Museum of Possibilities Unite for Climate Change and Disabilities Discussion

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the U.S. Consulate General Chennai partnered with the Museum of Possibilities for a pivotal discussion on “Climate Change Impacts on People with Disabilities” on 29.09.2023. The event featured the esteemed Mr. Jason Strother, a disability rights activist, entrepreneur, Fulbright alumnus, and multimedia journalist, sharing profound insights at the Museum of Possibilities in Chennai. Joined by Ms. Hindumathy from MSSI Chennai Chapter, a medical social worker, and representatives from over 30 organizations, the discussion emphasized the urgent need to address the disproportionate effects of climate change on individuals with disabilities.

The dialogue explored the vulnerabilities of people with disabilities during severe weather emergencies, where the loss of assistive devices and disconnection from support networks are heightened challenges. The session fostered interactive conversations, bringing forth the personal experiences and opinions of individuals with disabilities, underlining the necessity for inclusive solutions.

A significant focus emerged on implementing accessible devices during disasters, aiming to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the essential support and resources during critical times. Let’s continue these vital conversations and collectively work towards a more inclusive and resilient future!

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