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CRC Nellore and MSSI Hyderabad Collaborate

By May 30, 2024June 9th, 2024Hyderabad

CRC Nellore and MSSI Hyderabad Collaborate to Raise Awareness on Multiple Sclerosis

On May 30, 2024, CRC (Composite Regional Centre) Nellore, in collaboration with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (Hyderabad chapter), organized a free online webinar titled “Multiple Sclerosis: Insights and Understanding” to commemorate World Multiple Sclerosis Day.

Mrs. Sushma G., a committee member of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India – Hyderabad chapter, served as the esteemed resource person for this enlightening webinar. Throughout the session, Mrs. Sushma provided a comprehensive overview of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and its clinical manifestations. She delved into the often invisible symptoms of MS and their profound impact on individuals living with the condition. Additionally, she elucidated various treatment modalities and emphasized the pivotal role of rehabilitation in effectively managing MS. Mrs. Sushma also underscored the significance of patient support groups and elucidated the numerous activities and initiatives undertaken by the Multiple Sclerosis Society to support individuals affected by MS.

In her concluding remarks, Mrs. Sushma expressed MSSI Hyderabad’s eagerness to collaborate with CRC Nellore on future endeavors aimed at raising awareness and disseminating information about MS.

The webinar attracted a total of 96 participants, indicating a strong interest and commitment to learning more about MS and supporting individuals affected by this neurological condition.

This collaborative effort between CRC Nellore and MSSI Hyderabad underscores the importance of partnerships in advancing awareness and understanding of MS and signifies a step forward in providing valuable support and resources to those impacted by the condition.

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