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An Awareness Programme by NIEPMD

By June 7, 2024June 12th, 2024Chennai

Celebrating World Multiple Sclerosis Day 2024: An Awareness Programme by NIEPMD

On June 7th, 2024, the Department of Medical Science under the National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD) organized an impactful awareness program on Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This event, held in the NIEPMD Conference Hall in Chennai, was in celebration of World Multiple Sclerosis Day 2024. Aligning with this year’s theme – ‘Navigating MS Together’ – the event was part of the My MS Diagnosis campaign.

Distinguished Speakers

The program featured distinguished speakers from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI) Chennai Chapter:

  • Mrs. Ann Gonsalvez, Hon. Secretary of MSSI Chennai Chapter
  • Ms. Smitha Sadasivan, a Committee Member of MSSI and an MS person herself

The Head of the Department of Medical Science (HOD) at NIEPMD honoured these dignitaries with traditional shawls as a token of appreciation for their contributions.

Enlightening Presentations

Mrs. Ann Gonsalvez delivered an informative presentation on Multiple Sclerosis, covering essential aspects such as:

  • What is MS?
  • Symptoms of MS
  • Medications and recent advancements
  • Chennai Chapter’s initiatives, including the Fatigue Management Programme, Brain Lab Group Therapy, and a five-year project with the IIT-M (Madras) Brain Center to uncover the causes of MS.

Ms. Smitha Sadasivan shared her personal journey with MS, providing the audience with a deeply moving and inspirational perspective on ‘Reasonable Accommodation’ for individuals with disabilities.

Engaging and Educating

Around 50 students, along with faculty members from the Department of Medical Science, attended this engaging session. The presentations offered a comprehensive overview of Multiple Sclerosis and highlighted the innovative efforts being undertaken to support those affected by MS. The participants were not only informed but also motivated by Ms. Sadasivan’s story, which sparked thoughtful discussions on accommodating and supporting individuals with MS.

Interactive Session and Conclusion

Following the presentations, the speakers addressed various questions from the participants, providing clarity and deeper insights into MS. The event concluded on a pleasant note with refreshments, leaving attendees with valuable knowledge and a renewed sense of community support for those navigating life with Multiple Sclerosis.

A Step Towards Greater Awareness

The awareness programme was a significant step in promoting understanding and support for individuals with MS. By bringing together experts and personal experiences, NIEPMD successfully highlighted the importance of collective efforts in navigating the challenges of Multiple Sclerosis.

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