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April 2018

Fundraiser Program at Pune

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An MSSI Fundraiser event called Retro Beats Songs of yesteryear by Ambrish Bhattacharjee & Fusion Beats Dhara 2.0 was held on 18 February 2018 at  Cinema Hall of Poona Club.

The program started at 7.00 pm. Chairperson Mr. Banerjee was introduced to the audience by Mrs. Asha Merchant Hon. Jt. Secretary. Mr. Banerjee gave a small welcome speech and introduction of MSSI. Founder chairperson Mrs. Mini Grant was called upon to release the souvenir.

The main event started by 7:15 pm by songs (old Hindi & Bengali) of Mr. Ambrish Bhattacharjee. His melodious voice and soulful rendering of the numbers endeared him to the audience.

During the program the souvenirs were distributed to all the participants.

A short Intermission of nearly 20 minute was observed at 8pm.During interval snacks and tea was provided to MS Persons and their caregivers sponsored by MSSI. Poona club caterers had put upsnacks stalls which everyone could access on purchase of tokens.

The program Fusion beats Dhara2.0 started after the break. Guru Shumita Mahajan and her students enthralled the audience with their dance performances. The program ended at around 9:45 pm.

Mrs. Chandrakala Shetty, Managing committee member proposed the vote of thanks. Mr Banerjee felicitated the artistes.

Committee members and Staff contributed greatly to the success of this event.

Annual Fundraising & Awareness Programme

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MSSI Delhi had the pleasure of holding a dance recital by Padmashri Shovana Narayanji .  The dance ballet “Mera Safar”  based on the uplifting & thought provoking poetry of Ali Sardar Jafri was presented by  Shovana Narayan & her Asavari  Foundation .

This was attended by our donors & supporters and MS patients who were charmed by the wonderful new Banquet space at The LaLit – the Terrace Plaza .

The programme started with a vote of thanks to all our Donors & supporters of 2017-2018 .

Programme highlights  included straight from the heart inspirational personal stories by 3 of our “MS Power Girls”. Praveen Khetarpal, Shalini Monga & Sohini Banerjee . They spoke about their journey with MS, how with support of their families & partners they were able to carry on with life. They also talked about the role of MSSI in “ bringing us closer” and making sure that they remain in the mainstream of life.

The evening concluded with Muzikafe  playing popular numbers for all present .. The rousing “ I will survive.. “ received 2 encores ! And of course the ever popular Lucky Draw  for all Donor Pass holders & MS Persons.

We remain indebted to Mrs Jyotsna Suri , CMD of Lalit Group and the wonderful Hotel team headed by Vivek Shukla for a superbly organized function .

FREE MS Clinic at Apollo Hyderabad

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MSSI Hyderabad Chapter conducts a free MS Clinic at Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills, which is organised quarterly, for the MS patients registered with the Chapter. This has been a very successful imitative by the Hyderabad Chapter. We started this clinic on April 2014, when Dr. Subhashini Prabhakar, Neurologist, HOD Neurology and Dr. Namita Singh, Neuropsychologist, offered to give free consultations to the PwMS.

Only 4 patients are registered for each session, so that each one gets ample time with the doctors to discuss and clarify their queries. The PwMS members have expressed their extreme happiness and satisfaction on this initiative and showed interest to participate. If any follow up has been advised by the doctors, Hyderabad Chapter take care of that too. We have got a tremendous response from the PwMS for this innovative clinic initiative.


Testimonials by PwMS and Caregivers

Unlike the hustle-bustle we usually see at a Neuro OPD, we were welcomed, our papers were filled, we were properly guided and taken to the three consultants without much waiting. The doctors were very accommodative, showed patience, and were ready to listen to what has been said, examined us and gave useful suggestions. Though I am a patient of a different consultant, they never even for a while thought I am an outsider. Overall experience has been excellent. Once again, A BIG THANKS to MSSI Hyderabad.

Dr. Srinivas Mondrety (PwMS)

MS society of Hyderabad has been very cordial and cooperative towards me and my sister. They came in at a time when I was totally blank of how to proceed further in treatment of the disease approximately seven years back. They have tied up with Apollo Hospital and arranged for regular check-ups from prominent neuro physicians and other related doctors that keeps a check on the unpredictable developments in the patient.

Archana Arora’s brother Manish Arora (caregiver)

Thank you MSSI – Hyderabad Chapter & Apollo Clinic Neuro Team

The word free always attracts but also gives you a negative sense of the quality of your session. But that’s not the case with MS Clinic at Apollo. The Doctors are very much committed to these PwMS meetings but also treat us like any normal person giving you the utmost importance and spending a good quality of their time with us.

Maheshwar Kusuma (PwMS)


Birthday cards made by artist Indira sushi Kumar for all MS persons

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Birthday cards made by artist Indira Susheel Kumar for all MS persons…free of cost….each one personally signed by our chairperson……Mandalas bringing us closer


Mandala” is a Sanskrit word that means “circle”. Mandalas generally have one identifiable center point, from which emanates an array of symbols, shapes and forms. A Mandala represents wholeness. The circular designs symbolize the notion that life is never ending. Many mandalas have spiritual significance to an individual or group of individuals. Mandalas are traditionally used as meditative tools and spiritual symbols. Carl Jung introduced the modern era to Mandala drawing as a form of self-discovery.

Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony. They strive for a harmony of stillness and motion which provides the viewer both rest and energy. Mandalas are not planned but an intuitive and free flowing process that relaxes and heals the mind, mind and spirit not only for the creator but also for the person looking at the creation. Personally, since I derive great peace and happiness creating mandalas, I feel that those associated with the MSSI would benefit greatly by just looking deeply into the mandalas.


I have always been attracted towards art and creativity and this encouraged me to enrol into the Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai to pursue a diploma course in Textile designing. On completing my studies in the creative field, I added a Degree in Economics and Political Science from the Osmania University, Hyderabad.

After my education at Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai, I had set up my own studio, where batik, tie n die, and fabric painting were done on order basis. I have conceptualized and conducted two art exhibitions, comprising of my own creations

The experience of having worked in the Art Department of advertising agencies as a Visualizer helped me in the creative process. As a freelancer in the creative field for more than three decades, designing of mandaps, store windows, animations for newsletters are some of the areas where my designing and creativity comes to the fore.

Dr Sridhar Reddy in a session on Anthroposophy with MSSI Hyderabad

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Dr. Sridhar Reddy did his graduation in Physiotherapy from Mangalore. Further studies as postgraduate in Physiotherapy Neurology International Certification Anthroposophic Physiotherapist from Switzerland. Completed his diploma in Rhythmical massage from bad boll Germany, Member of IAABT.

Below YouTube link would give you an insight on the different anthroposophic external modalities available for the treatment of Persons with MS


At present he runs a clinic named Sparsha Healing Centre in Hyderabad.

Contact no: 040-85534477 / 080-65746668


Inauguration of Multiple Sclerosis Integrated Medical Centre Ghatkoper

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The program of opening of free MS clinic by Dr Kishore N. Mehta, well-known & leading homoeopathic practitioner was very successful which was attended by more than 100 participants including neurologist Dr Tandel, many homoeopathic doctors, MS families & public.

Dr Sheetal welcomed all the participants and gave the idea of purpose of this function about helping the MS patients with free treatment or with minimal charges.

Dr Mitesh narrated the reasons for opening MS department at Balkan-Ji-Bari, ground floor hall, Balbhawan road, opp. Rajawadi garden, Ghatkopar East Centre.

Dr Kishore Mehta explained as to what inspired him to take up this project, since he has already been treating a number of MS patients with a good degree of improvement of their MS symptoms.

Mrs. Sheela Chitnis, founder member of MSSI & current chairperson described various welfare projects of MSSI Mumbai chapter with the help of power point presentation. There were many questions from the audience which she replied in detail.

After the inauguration, the homoeopathy camp was held of which many patients took advantage.

Face to Face programme

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Face to Face program was held on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 3 pm.

About 40 MS persons and their caregivers and BNY Mellon volunteers attended the programs.

Before the arrival of our guest speaker, the MS persons and their caregivers were presented with a power point on India MS Day at the all Chapters. They were reminded regarding the registration for the new UDID card and disability pension.

Our guest speaker of this month’s programme was Dr Varsha, MSc. PhD, RD. CNIS, Consultant, Clinical Nutritionist.  She talked about “Nutrition & MS” through power point slides and a Health Food Chart.  We should eat according to the availability, edibility and nutritional value alone. She said diet is a more favourable means of obtaining required amounts of the body needs rather than resort to supplements. Almost all patients seek alternative method to alleviate symptoms or delay disease progression.  She said we have done enough damage to our symptoms by not taking correct food.

She showed the six group of food namely: Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein, Vitamin, mineral and Water and the meal schedule chart:

The universal meal schedule is as follows:

Bed Time Morning 6:00 AM The Activator Beverage
Breakfast 8:00 AM The Energiser Meal – DO NOT SKIP
Mid-Morning 10:00 AM The Elixir Meal
Lunch 12:00 PM The Sustainer Meal
Mid Noon 02:00 PM The Rejuvenator Beverage
Teatime 04:00 PM The Supporter Meal – DO NOT SKIP
Dinner 07:00 PM The Revitalizer Meal – DO NOT IMBALANCE


Bed Time Night 09:00 PM The Relaxer Beverage

There were lot of queries about diet after she finished her talk and she answered them with lot of enthusiasm.

A birthday cake was cut by those who celebrated their birthday this month. They are– Mr. Shankar Ganesh, Mr. Kenzer John. and Mr. Bharat Reddy

The meeting ended with a high tea