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Face to Face programme

By April 7, 2018May 14th, 2018Chennai

Face to Face program was held on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 3 pm.

About 40 MS persons and their caregivers and BNY Mellon volunteers attended the programs.

Before the arrival of our guest speaker, the MS persons and their caregivers were presented with a power point on India MS Day at the all Chapters. They were reminded regarding the registration for the new UDID card and disability pension.

Our guest speaker of this month’s programme was Dr Varsha, MSc. PhD, RD. CNIS, Consultant, Clinical Nutritionist.  She talked about “Nutrition & MS” through power point slides and a Health Food Chart.  We should eat according to the availability, edibility and nutritional value alone. She said diet is a more favourable means of obtaining required amounts of the body needs rather than resort to supplements. Almost all patients seek alternative method to alleviate symptoms or delay disease progression.  She said we have done enough damage to our symptoms by not taking correct food.

She showed the six group of food namely: Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein, Vitamin, mineral and Water and the meal schedule chart:

The universal meal schedule is as follows:

Bed Time Morning 6:00 AM The Activator Beverage
Breakfast 8:00 AM The Energiser Meal – DO NOT SKIP
Mid-Morning 10:00 AM The Elixir Meal
Lunch 12:00 PM The Sustainer Meal
Mid Noon 02:00 PM The Rejuvenator Beverage
Teatime 04:00 PM The Supporter Meal – DO NOT SKIP
Dinner 07:00 PM The Revitalizer Meal – DO NOT IMBALANCE


Bed Time Night 09:00 PM The Relaxer Beverage

There were lot of queries about diet after she finished her talk and she answered them with lot of enthusiasm.

A birthday cake was cut by those who celebrated their birthday this month. They are– Mr. Shankar Ganesh, Mr. Kenzer John. and Mr. Bharat Reddy

The meeting ended with a high tea

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