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Abhishek Trivedi – My MS Story

By April 25, 2024Uncategorized
Abhishek Trivedi Diagnosed in 2005 Delhi Chapter
Name: Abhishek Trivedi
Location: Chandigarh/ Ghaziabad
Age: 37
Instagram: @shayaronwheels

When the doctor first uttered the words “multiple sclerosis,” it felt as though my world crumbled around me. Dreams of a future filled with possibilities were replaced by uncertainty and fear. For years, I clung to denial, unwilling to accept the new reality unfolding before me. My aspirations of pursuing mechanical engineering were dashed, replaced by the cautious advice to delve into software instead. Suddenly, MS became an unwelcome guest in every decision I made. A simple outing required meticulous planning, mindful of the sun’s harsh rays and the urgency of my bladder. It seemed as though MS invaded every aspect of my life, except for the sanctuary of my feelings.

Family’s Unwavering Support:

Amid the turmoil, my family stood as pillars of strength. Though initially heartbroken by the diagnosis, their love and support only grew stronger with each passing day. I’ll never forget the words of my father, offering reassurance in the face of uncertainty: “Beta, don’t worry about the money. You’ll earn whatever it takes.” My mother and sisters became avid researchers, scouring the internet for any glimmer of hope in MS treatment advancements. Yet, amidst their unwavering dedication, there remained a gap in understanding the psychological toll MS took on me. While they saw the same person, I felt like a stranger in my skin, grappling with the profound changes MS wrought upon my identity.

Navigating the Battlefield of MS:

Each day begins with the stiffness of morning and ends with the discomfort of a dry throat, a constant reminder of the battles waged within my body. The ongoing struggle between the debilitating effects of MS and my indomitable spirit of resilience paints a picture reminiscent of the ancient epic, the Mahabharata. Yet, amidst the chaos, one of the greatest challenges lies in the loneliness that accompanies MS. Friends, once a source of solace, have become fleeting shadows in the backdrop of my life. Even in the workplace, I find myself excluded from the camaraderie of office activities, longing for the companionship that once brought warmth to my soul.

Embracing the Journey:

For too long, I turned a blind eye to the elephant in the room, refusing to acknowledge the enormity of my reality. Denial gave way to self-criticism, as I grappled with feelings of inadequacy and fear of judgment from others. Yet, amidst the darkness, a beacon of light emerged through the power of self-acceptance. I realized that while life’s circumstances may be beyond my control, my response to them remained within my grasp. Today, I stand not as a victim of MS, but as a warrior empowered by resilience and fueled by hope. In the end, it is not the challenges we face that define us, but rather the courage with which we confront them.

I embarked on a cross-country drive, personally driving from Chandigarh to Kerala via Delhi with the aim of raising MS awareness. Despite the challenges posed by the severe North Indian heat and the Kisan Rally blockages in May and June, I remained steadfast in my mission.

During my journey, I had the opportunity to meet all the Chapter Representatives along the way and identify new MS Persons. They hailed me for my courageous trip and dedication to spreading awareness about MS.

I am grateful for the support I received from Bipasha Gupta on behalf of MSSI Delhi Chapter. She organized the flag-off ceremony in Delhi, with Prabal Malaker’s involvement, and diligently tracked my trip, ensuring I stayed connected with various representatives of MSSI throughout my journey.

I must also mention my wife, Richa, whose unwavering love and support have been my constant companions. Despite being fully aware of my challenges, Richa chose to marry me and has since been a wonderful, selfless companion. Her silent support has been a source of strength and comfort for me, highlighting the power of love and partnership in facing life’s challenges together.

By, Abhishek Trivedi | Age – 37

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