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Anil Borkar – My MS Story

By May 2, 2024Uncategorized

At 55 years old, Anil Borkar reflects on his decades-long battle with MS, which began with a subtle symptom: a dragging foot at the age of 27.

Initially misdiagnosed with a brain tumor, his journey took him through various medical consultations until lesions in his brain revealed the true culprit: MS. Despite enduring multiple relapses and adverse effects from treatments, including vision loss in both eyes, Anil’s resilience shines through as he continues his career as a marketing consultant and advocates for better MS management.

Recognized as India’s MS Person 2024, Anil’s contributions to MSSI, from counseling patients to organizing charity events, exemplify his commitment to raising awareness and supporting fellow MS warriors. Anil’s next mission? Advocating for the inclusion of MS in Railway Concessions, striving to make travel more accessible for those with disabilities.

His story underscores the critical importance of EARLY and ACCURATE Diagnosis in effectively managing MS, ensuring that others may embark on their own journeys towards resilience and empowerment.

Anil Borkar | 55 years

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