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Rajni Upadhay – My MS Story

By May 2, 2024Uncategorized

Rajni Upadhay – My MS Diagnosis
At 43 years old, Rajni Upadhay’s life took an unexpected turn when she lost both her parents during the COVID pandemic. Now residing in an Ashram, she sustains herself through Live Streaming, navigating life from a wheelchair.

Her MS Diagnosis Journey:
Back in 2002, at the age of 22, Rajni encountered her first symptom: a sudden fall while attempting to stand. Seeking answers, she consulted various specialists, from family doctors to cardiologists, orthopedics, and dermatologists, until finally arriving at a neurologist. After a battery of tests, including MRIs and lumbar punctures, MS was diagnosed, a process spanning a year.
Despite trying Ayurveda post-diagnosis, MS progressed rapidly from RRMS to SPMS within a short span.

Her Message:
Through her journey, Rajni has learned to confront MS head-on, finding solace in practices like Pranayama, meditation, and singing, coupled with a supportive environment and a positive outlook on life. She advocates for embracing acceptance, reminding others to keep their spirits high and their hearts resilient with the mantra “ALL IS WELL.”

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