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Resma K R – My MS Story

By April 30, 2024Uncategorized

In 2016, I experienced my first symptom—a weakness in my right leg. Little did I know, it was just the beginning of a journey filled with uncertainty and misdiagnosis.

At the time, I was working in the advertising field in the UAE, managing the media department. During a vacation back to India, I visited an orthopaedist hoping for answers. Unfortunately, despite advancements in modern medicine, I faced misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis.

The doctor ordered an X-ray, which revealed no spinal issues but indicated a slight tilting in my hip. With no concrete diagnosis or medication, I returned to the UAE, where my symptoms persisted and worsened over time.

In 2018, during another visit to India, I sought the same doctor’s help, only to face more ambiguity. An MRI showed disc bulges but failed to pinpoint the root cause. Prescribed corticosteroids only made matters worse, leaving me drowsy and desperate for answers.

Turning to Ayurvedic treatment in India offered temporary relief, but my symptoms resurfaced upon returning to the UAE. Despite my efforts to find answers, my health continued to deteriorate.

By the end of 2020, I was back in India, unable to move my right leg and experiencing spasms in my right hand. It wasn’t until 2021, after consulting a traditional Ayurvedic doctor, that I received a breakthrough diagnosis of Demyelination and damaged neurons.

Finally, after six years of uncertainty, an MRI and CSF confirmed what I had long suspected—Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I began treatment with DMF, calcium tablets, and multivitamins, along with Ayurvedic remedies to manage symptoms.

My family’s reaction varied—my parents struggled to comprehend MS, while my husband provided unwavering support, giving me the strength to face this new reality.

Joining MSSI offered solace and support, connecting me with others facing similar challenges and helping me navigate this journey with more knowledge and understanding.

Financially, my husband’s support has been crucial, ensuring I receive the medical care needed to manage MS. Despite the challenges, I remain determined to improve my condition and regain mobility, currently undergoing rehabilitation in Kerala.

My experience underscores the pitfalls of misdiagnosis in MS, altering the trajectory of my life from a full-time career in the UAE to rehabilitation in Kerala. Yet, despite the setbacks, I remain hopeful and determined to overcome this obstacle, striving for a better quality of life despite the challenges MS presents.

Resma K R | Age 46

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