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MS Person Dimple honored with the IDPD Award 2023

By December 3, 2023April 4th, 2024Hyderabad

Exciting News! Dimple, our incredible Multiple Sclerosis warrior, has been honored with the IDPD Award 2023! Dimple’s journey with MS began in 2010, but she refuses to label it as an illness. Instead, she sees it as an incurable challenge, a divine test that has transformed her into a resilient and stronger individual.

Dimple’s leadership shines through as she was commended for her outstanding motivational qualities. Her interactions are marked by empathy, resilience, and a collaborative spirit, setting an inspiring example for everyone around her.

In the face of invisible challenges posed by MS, Dimple not only embraced her strengths but also became a beacon of hope for others. During the challenging times of COVID-19, she along with 38 other volunteers assisted more than 300 patients in Hyderabad, providing essentials like oxygen cylinders, concentrators, platelets, and blood.

Beyond her personal battle, Dimple connected with MS patients across Hyderabad, becoming a guiding light for those seeking support and understanding. As a committee member in the MSSI Hyderabad Chapter and the Youth Wing leader, she represents Hyderabad on a national level, contributing to projects like Outreach programs and Supportive Therapies for MS.

Dimple’s commitment to helping others remains unwavering. She believes in living each day with a smile, reminding us all that worrying won’t solve problems but a smile can light up our world! She says “Why worry and get wrinkles? Better Smile and get dimples”! Let’s celebrate Dimple’s well-deserved recognition and continue to be inspired by her resilience and compassion.

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