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World MS Day 2019

By May 30, 2019July 5th, 2019General

World MS Day 2019 events across India was varied and informative! This year too we saw a considerable increase in awareness about MS & MSSI both at the national & regional level through press coverage in English as well as regional languages. WMSD activities started as early as the 1st week of May along with powerful photographs depicting Invisible symptoms extensively through all our Social media platform & website. We engaged with multiple stakeholders that included central and state governments, professional healthcare individual and organizations, members of Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee & Advocacy experts.

Highlights of the 3 National events were the 2 Press conferences followed by Panel Discussions held in Mumbai in Bangalore on May 29th & 30 respectively & the 1st Roundtable conference of the MSSI – Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee MSSI-MSAC. The main focus was the need to continue engagement/dialogue with all stakeholders in articulating the issues of disease burden, lack of reliable data on MS prevalence in India and reviewing the existing assessment guidelines in the RPWD Act.

Mental Health and good Quality of Life is very critical to PwMS and their families. In order to talk about that we have planned to start a Patient Education & Awareness Initiative, under this we will be starting a Free Webinar series in collaboration with doctors of our MSSI-MSAC.

TheWorldvsMS website a social media platform which talks about the importance of happiness and emotional wellbeing and Brain Health publication was released. It is currently available in English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and will be up on our website in the coming days


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