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Celebrating “Stars of Strength: A Winter Gala for MS Warriors”

By December 28, 2023April 4th, 2024Bengaluru
Image depicting a diverse and supportive community of individuals affected by multiple sclerosis (MS), coming together for mutual support, education, and empowerment.

On December 28, 2023, MSSI Bangalore, in collaboration with RAGAMS, hosted a heartwarming event at the Rotary House of Friendship. The evening kicked off with inspiring words from RAGAMS Chairperson Rtn. Shankar Subramanian, setting the stage for a night filled with camaraderie and inspiration.

We were honored to share the mission of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI), highlighted through a moving film supported by Bosch. The applause resonated not just for the creators but for every warrior battling this disease.

Rotary Team & Dhwani mesmerized the audience with magical performances, captivating over a hundred guests with music and joy. A highlight of the night was the donation of a wheelchair to Dinesh, a cherished member of our MS community, symbolizing the tangible impact of our collective efforts.

To spread the joy of the New Year, cakes were gifted to all participants, marking a sweet start to hopeful beginnings. Gratitude to RAGAMS, Lead Clubs – Rotary Bengaluru Platinum City and Rotary Bangalore Abilities, and Supporting Clubs for their unwavering support.

Special thanks to RI District 3191 District Governor Rtn. Udaya Kumar Bhaskar, whose presence and inspiring speech left an indelible mark. Appreciation to Rtn.Sunil Telkar for his support and guidance.

A heartfelt thank you to Mr. Umesh, Superintendent, Department for the Empowerment of the Differently Abled and Senior Citizens, for his commitment and instrumental role in obtaining electric wheelchairs from the Government for our MS community.

Tokens of appreciation were presented to the Presidents of participating Rotary Clubs, symbolizing our collective unity in supporting MS warriors.

As the evening concluded with a sumptuous dinner, “Stars of Strength” proved to be more than an event; it became a beacon of hope and solidarity for the MS community.

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