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Deepthi Neelagiri

By February 29, 2020Hyderabad

Deepthi Neelagiri, an MS Fighter from Hyderabad, participated in the prestigious all-women art exhibition called ‘Art Invasion’ that is aimed at promoting emerging artists in the field of art.

Deepthi, a few years after the diagnosis of MS completed a certificate course in oil painting from JNAFAU and also learnt the techniques in art from Mr.Sayyad Shaiek. She later did a TTC course from Pidilite. Music being her other area of interest, she also completed a four year certificate course in Carnatic music.

“The motivation to see myself as a singer, an artist started during that time when I wanted to add colour to my dull life” Deepthi says. She strongly feels that art and music had helped her cope with her health challenges and also primarily in keeping her mind happy.

Few fellow MSPs from Hyderabad chapter visited the art exhibition to encourage Deepthi for her marvellous work and celebrate the spirit of being ‘Unstoppable”. Also as part of creating MS awareness, MS brochures have been given and ‘Forms of the Formless’ book has been gifted to Mr. Sayyad Shaiek, Contradiction Art Curator.

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