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Fathima Suhra – My MS Story

By April 30, 2024Uncategorized

She experienced her first relapse shortly after giving birth to her first child. While on the way to her child’s 10th-month vaccination, she suddenly found herself unable to walk on her return journey. Despite moments of feeling stuck, she eventually regained her mobility after resting. This episode marked the onset of her symptoms.

Two months later, the same issue recurred. During a family walk, she became completely exhausted and struggled to move. With the support of her family, she managed to make it back home, but her condition remained concerning.

Initially, she was misdiagnosed, with doctors attributing her symptoms to post-delivery weakness, a common occurrence. Dissatisfied with the lack of effective treatment from allopathic medicine, she turned to Ayurveda, only to face further frustration with ineffective medications.

Even during her second pregnancy, she continued to experience mild walking difficulties. However, during the third month of her pregnancy, her condition deteriorated significantly, leading to her hospitalization.

After enduring 1.5 years of misdiagnosis, she was finally diagnosed with MS following MRI and CSF analysis. The news devastated her, plunging her into a depressive state as she grappled with fears for her future and her children.

While her own family denied the severity of her condition and discouraged medical treatment, her husband emerged as her strongest supporter. Despite the challenges, she received steroid injections, which temporarily alleviated her symptoms.

Facing pressure to abort her unborn child due to her condition, she bravely chose to proceed with the pregnancy, defying myths and misconceptions about MS inheritance. Despite warnings, she opted for a natural birth, and by the grace of God, her baby arrived without complications.

Discovering MSSI during her pregnancy, her husband sought help from the organization, connecting with Mr. Ram Kumar of the MSSI Trivandrum Chapter. The support and guidance provided by MSSI, along with access to proper medical care, became instrumental in her journey as an MS warrior.

However, after the birth of her second child, her symptoms worsened, leading to her reliance on a wheelchair. Despite the challenges, she remains hopeful as her condition gradually improves, now able to walk with the assistance of others.

Financially, the family faces significant strain due to the high cost of medical treatment. With her husband as the sole breadwinner, an electrician struggling to meet expenses, they turned to crowdfunding to afford her last infusion. They now seek further financial aid to cover the costs of upcoming treatments, navigating the challenges with resilience and determination.

Fathima Suhra | Age 27

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